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Accidents involving buses can, unfortunately, be rather dangerous. Since buses are so large and heavy, they can strike a standard car, motorcyclist, bicyclist, or pedestrian with great force. Even passengers on a bus could suffer severe injuries in a collision. Many bus crashes are fatal.

Thankfully, if you were injured in a bus accident, you might be entitled to pursue monetary damages with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. A Waco bus accident lawyer could provide you the skilled advocacy you need to collect the compensation you deserve.

The Basics of a Bus Accident Claim

In most personal injury cases, a successful claim involves proving that the defendant’s negligent behavior definitely caused the harm in question. From a legal standpoint, negligence refers to a defendant owing a duty of care to a plaintiff, breaching this duty, and causing documentable losses.

When it comes to busses, state laws consider these vehicles “common carriers.” This means that bus drivers have a heightened duty to keep their passengers safe. When a passenger on a bus suffers an injury, they can usually prove that the driver or the corporation violated this common carrier duty.

Common carriers also must be exceedingly cautious towards other parties, including cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, and pedestrians. When a bus collides with a person or another vehicle, negligent behavior is almost always to blame.

A seasoned attorney in Waco can evaluate the circumstances of a bus accident to pinpoint negligence and help a plaintiff recover compensation for their injuries.

Could Multiple Defendants Be Responsible for a Bus Collision?

Although the company that owns and operates the bus is usually the main defendant in a legal case, there are often other parties that may have contributed to the accident. Filing a claim against all the potentially responsible parties increase’s a plaintiff’s chances of collecting the compensation they deserve.

There are many different people, organizations, or companies that might classify as an additional defendant. For example, numerous bus companies have maintenance contracts with a vehicle repair shop to keep their fleet in good working order. If mechanical failure triggered a crash, the repair shop might need to face liability. In other cases, the company that employs the bus driver might have to assume responsibility if inadequate training resulted in a collision.

Meanwhile, the drivers of other vehicles might be responsible for a wreck. Finally, other potential defendants include the manufacturer of a bus or the local government responsible for the road where the accident occurred.

A tenacious lawyer in Waco can determine whether multiple parties need to face responsibility to a bus crash, to help a plaintiff seek the full extent of justice they deserve.

How do Bus Accident Cases Change When a Local Government is a Defendant?

Since buses are a form of public transportation, accident cases involving these vehicles often implicate a state or a local government. A public agency might be considered a defendant if the bus:

  • Is a part of a municipal public transportation system
  • Transported students to and from a public school
  • Was owned by a government agency
  • Collided with a vehicle driven by an employee of a government organization
  • Crashed on a poorly designed or maintained road

When a claimant proves that a government agency classifies as a defendant, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §101.101 requires the plaintiff to notify the appropriate state office about their lawsuit within six months of the accident. If the city of Waco is a potential defendant, the plaintiff must submit this notice within 30 days of their accident.

Missing these deadlines complicates a wounded person’s right to pursue financial compensation. Therefore, anyone involved in a bus accident where a government agency is a defendant should speak with a hard-working attorney in Waco as soon as possible.

Reach Out to a Waco Bus Accident Attorney About your Case

Seeking financial compensation after a bus crash can be difficult because these cases often revolve around public transportation, severe injuries, and potentially multiple defendants. If you were gravely wounded in a wreck involving a bus, you deserve an attorney who has experience handling these cases.

A Waco bus accident lawyer can simplify the process and help you get back on your feet. Acting quickly is essential, so contact the office today to schedule an initial consultation.

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