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Most people assume that dogs are always friendly and docile. However, the unfortunate reality is that an improperly trained dog can lash out and cause severe physical harm. Dogs may attack out of fear, over their perceived territory, or simply because they are aggressive. If you or a child were injured by an aggressive dog, you might be scared and confused about what to do next.

If you find yourself in this situation, you could benefit from seeking the assistance of a seasoned personal injury attorney. A Waco dog bite lawyer could investigate whether the dog would be considered aggressive, determine the extent of compensation you deserve, and help you get back on your feet.

What to do After a Dog Bite

Immediately following any type of dog bite—no matter how serious or seemingly minimal the injuries may be—the plaintiff should immediately seek medical attention. Since dog bites usually puncture the skin, an attack could affect the body in unsuspected ways. Therefore, even a minor bite may have long-lasting effects that may not be immediately apparent.

Dogs may also carry pathogens that lead to serious infections, including rabies,  disease that is very treatable but fatal if left unattended. To avoid any of these potential complications and other infections, it is crucial that a claimant seek medical attention immediately following an attack. Afterward, anyone injured by a dog bite or attack should reach out to a hardworking attorney in Waco. Acting quickly can give a diligent legal representative more time to get started on a case.

Other Common Injuries Associated with Dog Bites

Physical injuries caused by a dog bite can range from minor to extremely serious. Some injuries may even result in a person’s wrongful death. Major surgeries and extensive periods may be required, which makes these cases rather frightening.

Physical injuries caused by dog bites might include:

  • Lacerations and puncture wounds to skin and tissue
  • Crush injuries to bones
  • Scars and disfigurement
  • Disease and infections
  • Blood loss
  • Damage to muscles and internal organs
  • Facial and eye injuries
  • Head and brain injury

Any of these wounds are serious and could entitle a plaintiff to substantial financial compensation.

Psychological Harm from Dog Attacks

In other situations, someone injured by an aggressive dog might be left with serious emotional trauma that requires therapy. Common examples of the emotional impact associated with a dog bite include:

  • A fear of dogs
  • Anxiety attacks, post-traumatic stress, and flashbacks
  • Fear of going outside
  • Insomnia
  • Nightmares
  • Depression
  • Self-consciousness about injuries and scars

Proving these elements in court can be more complicated than physical injuries, but a skilled lawyer in Waco knows how to factor more subjective emotional losses into a comprehensive dog bite claim.

Proving Negligence and Prior Knowledge of Aggression

State law does not provide a specific statute for dog bites. Instead, to collect compensation after an attack, a plaintiff needs to prove that the owner knew the dog had been previously aggressive or bit another person in the past. The plaintiff may also be able to prove that the defendant was negligent in their conduct that precipitated and permitted the dog attack. It can be difficult to establish or conclude this in court, but a champion attorney in Waco has experience handling these cases. The right legal representative can investigate the dog owner’s past and help demonstrate that the animal has a history of aggression.

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If you were bitten by an aggressive dog, you might be left with substantial injuries or unfortunate emotional trauma. Every dog bite is serious and deserves the attention of a skilled legal advocate. If an owner had prior knowledge of the animal’s aggression, you are likely entitled to financial compensation that could help you recover from the full extent of your injuries. A Waco dog bite lawyer can provide personalized support and help you get your life back on track. Speak with an attorney today to set up your initial appointment.

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