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Child injuries are some of the most difficult to handle, for both parents and their kids. Many different accidents could injure a child, but the majority are caused by someone else’s negligence. If this happens, a parent or family member can usually seek compensation through a detailed personal injury claim.

Figuring out how to do this while recovering from the emotional aftermath of an accident can be difficult, but a compassionate personal injury representative could be the ally you need. A Waco child injury lawyer has the experience necessary to assess your case, protect your rights, and resolve any complications that arise.

Typical Causes of Child Injuries

Since children are vulnerable to accidents and injuries, adults need to act responsibly and actively work to mitigate harm. However, many people instead choose to engage in careless or reckless behavior that could seriously harm a kid. If an adult’s negligence does end up causing a child injury, this individual may be financially liable for any resulting harm.

Many different accidents could cause child injuries. Common examples of dangerous situations include but are not limited to:

If a defendant’s recklessness or negligence caused any of these situations, the family of an injured child would likely be entitled to substantial compensation. A hardworking attorney in Waco can determine the exact cause of the accident and pinpoint help a family pinpoint the best next steps.

What to Do After a Child’s Accident

Figuring out what to do immediately a child gets injured can be confusing and stressful, since the shock of the accident might seem overwhelming. However, there are certain things that a parent could do to make sure that they protect their kid’s safety.

For instance, a parent should be sure to call emergency services and seek medical attention right away. The health and well-being of the child should be everyone’s first priority. After the child is safe and receiving treatment, a parent could take further action to strengthen their potential civil claim. They could begin by:

  • Documenting any medical treatment that their child received
  • Taking pictures of any injuries and the accident scene
  • Obtaining contact information for any witnesses
  • Collecting insurance information if there were motor vehicles involved
  • Determine whether anyone recorded video or audio of the incident.

All of this information is important because a resourceful attorney in Waco can use it to bolster the impact of their client’s child injury case.

How to File a Claim on Behalf of a Child

It is important for parents to remember that they need to represent their child and submit a claim on their behalf. From a legal standpoint, the adult becomes a representative and is permitted to act as the plaintiff in court.

It is also crucial for parents to realize that child injury cases, like most personal injury claims, are subject to time limits. However, unlike most claims, Texas Statute § 16.003 establishes that parents can use the legal concept of “toiling” to file their child injury lawsuit within two years of their loved one turning 18.

Regardless, it is almost always better to file soon after the accident. This better preserves evidence and witness testimony. A hardworking attorney in Waco can help a family begin their child injury claim as soon as possible, to maintain the impact of their case and preserve the right to compensation.

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Your child’s injuries deserve compensation if they were caused by a defendant’s negligence. These cases can be challenging since it might be difficult to mobilize and develop a claim after watching a child suffer in a serious accident. However, acting to hold the reckless defendant accountable is a powerful option. To learn more about your particular case, speak with a Waco child injury lawyer. Call the office today to schedule your initial consultation.

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