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Many people in Waco and the surrounding communities rely on nursing homes to help care for their elderly loved ones. A family member admits a relative to one of these facilities, they should be able to expect quality care, free from abuse. Unfortunately, hundreds of people every year fall victim to the harmful and neglectful practices of nursing home staff. If your loved one is experiencing this behavior, a compassionate personal injury attorney can help your family seek the justice you deserve.

Your case deserves consideration, understanding, and someone with experience to pursue financial compensation on your behalf. Fortunately, a Waco nursing home abuse lawyer can provide personalized attention and support.

What is Nursing Home Abuse?

The phrase “nursing home abuse” can refer to many different types of conduct. It could include aggressive mistreatment that is intentional, or it might refer to unintentional, neglectful behavior. Any of these forms abuse can be equally devastating.

Other common examples of nursing home mistreatment or neglect include but are not limited to:

  • Physical harm
  • Emotional trauma and abuse
  • Sexual misconduct or rape
  • Financial exploitation
  • Passive neglect
  • Failure to change bedding
  • Malnutrition and failure to feed patients
  • Isolating residents from family members
  • Confinement without medical necessity

Any of these instances of mistreatment should not be taken lightly. If a person believes that their loved one is being abused in their nursing home, a diligent attorney in Waco can investigate the allegations and begin working on a claim.

How to Detect Nursing Home Mistreatment

Detecting and isolating instances of neglect or mistreatment in a retirement home can be challenging, but certain distinct signs may help a person recognize when to seek help. For example, if a loved one begins to lose items frequently, especially valuable possessions, this might indicate theft. Meanwhile, any sudden changes to a resident’s will or financial situation might signal that nursing home staff are taking advantage to benefit their circumstances.

Other forms of abuse might result in a loved one exhibiting physical or behavioral changes. For example, a previously friendly and outgoing person who suddenly becomes fearful or angry might be suffering from traumatic mistreatment. Unexplained cuts, bruises, and other physical wounds may indicate that a staff member is intentionally harming or neglecting a senior patient.

If anyone believes they see these signs of abuse, a tenacious lawyer in Waco can help investigate the nursing facility and pursue legal action.

The Process for Reporting Retirement Home Abuse

It is important for anyone in need of assistance to understand their numerous options. For instance, Texas Health and Human Services has a hotline for reporting potential abuse in nursing homes or other assisted living facilities. After speaking with a legal representative, a family who suspects their loved one is being mistreated can call 800-458-9858.

Acting quickly is key, so if a family has any further questions about how to categorize and report nursing home abuse, a hardworking attorney in Waco can be a valuable ally.

Call a Waco Nursing Home Abuse Attorney about Seeking Justice

Every instance of nursing home abuse should be taken very seriously. The physical and emotional damage that these situations can incur might result in years of stress or expensive treatment. After your family proves that the facility in question definitely mistreated or neglected your loved one, you can usually move forward to pursue financial compensation through a personal injury claim.

To learn more about what to do next, speak with a Waco nursing home abuse lawyer today. You can reach out to the office online to schedule your initial consultation.

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