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Anyone who is out running, walking their dog, commuting, or enjoying some fresh air, is unfortunately, vulnerable to being struck by a negligent driver. Collisions between pedestrians and vehicles are usually severe, leaving the person on foot with life-changing injuries.

If a vehicle crashed into you while you were walking or running, a skilled personal injury lawyer could help you pursue financial compensation for your injuries. A Waco pedestrian accident lawyer can investigate the situation and help you seek the justice you deserve.

What Usually Causes Collisions with Pedestrians?

Most incidents involving vehicles hitting pedestrians result from negligent driving. Negligence refers to a failure to use reasonable caution to prevent an injury. While behind the wheel, drivers must obey traffic laws. They also need to be attentive to their surroundings and watch out for the unexpected. If a driver is obeying all laws but focusing on singing along to the radio instead of the joggers on the side of the road, that motorist’s behavior would classify as reckless or careless.

It is important to note that an injured pedestrian cannot collect any monetary damages if they do not prove that the defendant is definitely negligent. Fortunately, a tenacious attorney in Waco can assess the cause of a crash to help conclude that another person’s careless driving undoubtedly caused a pedestrian accident.

Could More than One Party be Responsible for a Pedestrian’s Injuries?

If a driver’s insurance coverage is insufficient to cover an injured pedestrian’s expenses, the plaintiff can pursue further compensation in court. However, if the reckless driver does not have significant financial assets, it might be impossible for the injured person to collect the full extent of compensation they deserve, even after winning their case. Therefore, identifying all the potentially negligent parties could maximize a claimant’s chances of collecting the right amount of monetary damages.

There are many different parties that could have contributed to the pedestrian collision, including but not limited to the:

  • Employer of a negligent driver
  • Owner of the car that hit the pedestrian
  • Manufacturer of the vehicle that hit the pedestrian
  • Manufacturer of any defective component, like faulty brakes
  • Engineering firm that designed the road where the accident took place
  • Local government responsible for maintaining the road where a crash occurred

If a pedestrian was not paying attention to where they were walking and contributed to the accident, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §33.001 states that they can still collect monetary damages if they are not more than 50 percent responsible for the situation. A resourceful lawyer in Waco can determine whether pursuing compensation from multiple parties is an option or help an injured pedestrian maintain their innocence after an accident.

How Pedestrians Can Prevent Accidents

Pedestrians can protect themselves from potential harm by observing common sense rules and taking a few precautions. For example, pedestrians should use sidewalks when available and always cross at intersections with crosswalks. Anyone on foot should, of course, look both ways any time they cross a street.

Pedestrians should also be sure to keep their visibility in mind. When there is no sidewalk, people should walk facing oncoming traffic and try to make eye contact with drivers. Anyone on foot should wear bright colors during the day and, at night, wear a headlamp or use reflective clothing.

Additionally, pedestrians should never wear headphones or earbuds when walking or running in the road. Finally, people should never walk or run in the road when using drugs or alcohol. Pedestrians who have been drinking alcohol or using drugs might be less alert and more likely to get into accidents with vehicles. The federal Center for Disease Control reports that about one-third of fatal pedestrian accidents in a recent year involved an impaired pedestrian.

A well-practiced attorney in Waco has experience with these situations and can outline further ways to prevent pedestrian accidents.

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