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The repercussions of a car accident can have a lasting impact on your financial, physical, and mental well-being. After being wounded in an automobile collision, the last thing you want to worry about is dealing with insurance companies or the civil court.

If someone else’s carelessness caused the crash, you would benefit from the assistance of a dedicated personal injury attorney. A skilled Waco car accident lawyer can handle negotiations on your behalf and help you navigate complex legal procedures.

Available Financial Compensation After a Car Accident

When a negligent driver causes a collision that leaves a plaintiff with severe injuries, a court might award compensation for both economic and non-economic setbacks. Economic damages would include repayment for losses with an established financial value, such as medical expenses or property repair costs. Meanwhile, non-economic damages aim to reimburse a plaintiff for the more subjective aftermath of a vehicle crash, such as:

  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation sessions
  • Current and future medical costs
  • Lost wages and reduced future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Reduced enjoyment of daily life
  • Loss of consortium

In order to collect any of this compensation, a wounded person must gather evidence of their suffering. Common documents used to verify injuries include medical bills, reduced pay stubs, or property damage invoices.

A resourceful attorney in Waco can determine the extent of compensation that the survivor of car accident deserves and help them collect evidence of their injuries.

How do Insurance Companies Combat Vehicle Collision claims?

On the surface, it may seem like insurance corporations are friendly and here to help. However, they usually keep the company’s best financial interests in mind. For instance, these businesses often fight to reduce a plaintiff’s settlement; they might try to downplay the injuries or property damage associated with an accident.

Savvy lawyers in Waco understand these manipulative tactics and can help fight against them. A tenacious legal representative could fully investigate the car wreck to make sure an insurance company recognizes the full extent of the plaintiff’s injuries.

The Statute of Limitations for Car Crash Claims

After a vehicle accident, victims only have a limited amount of time to assemble their case. For example, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code 16.003(a) establishes that the plaintiff has two years from the day of the collision to file a personal injury claim. This same deadline applies to many different types of cases.

One of the only exceptions to this time limit occurs when a claimant does not immediately recognize that they suffered injury. If this happens, a wounded individual can file their claim within two years of discovering that the automobile collision harmed them. A diligent attorney in Waco can respect this statute of limitations by helping a client file a car accident claim on time.

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Even a seemingly minor vehicle crash could leave you with serious injuries or costly property damage. Fortunately, you do have legal options for seeking justice if someone else’s careless behavior caused the wreck.

You also do not have to resolve the aftermath of a collision on your own. A compassionate Waco car accident lawyer can fight for you and protect your best interests. Contact the office today to schedule an initial appointment

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