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When people get injured on the job, they expect that their company or employer will assume responsibility for the incident. Unfortunately, this does not always happen because employers statewide have the option to waive their participation in the worker’s compensation program. Businesses that do not participate in this system become labeled non-subscribers. Suffering an injury while working for any employer is stressful, but things can become even more challenging when your company does not offer a simple solution.

Thankfully, a Universal City workplace injury lawyer has experience with these cases and knows how to target your company directly. A hardworking personal injury attorney from our firm can figure out what happened, investigate whether a third-party was involved, and fight to maximize the damages you collect.

Common Examples of On-the-Job Injuries

There are many different ways that a hardworking person could be hurt while operating under the scope of their employment. The majority of accidents at workplaces are caused by another person’s negligent behavior. Common examples include but are not limited to:

  • Being hurt by dangerous machinery
  • Slipping in a poorly maintained hallway
  • Getting injured in a dimly lit environment
  • Being exposed to toxic chemicals or unforeseen hazards
  • Falling from a height at a construction site or industrial location
  • Crashing into another car while driving for work

If an injured plaintiff is unsure about exactly what caused their on-the-job accident, a Universal City attorney can assess the situation, conclude what happened, and develop a personalized action plan.

Is Targeting a Non-Subscriber Employer an Option?

Generally speaking, non-subscriber companies open themselves up to potential liability when they choose not to participate in the worker’s compensation program. This means that, after an accident, an injured employer can usually sue the employer directly; these cases function similarly to standard personal injury claims. Additionally, according to Texas Labor Code Sec. 406.033 it is important to recognize that non-subscriber employees are not able to use certain legal defense strategies, including:

Assumption of Risk Leading to Injuries or Death

The employer does not have the right to claim the worker put themselves in the way of danger.

Negligence on Behalf of Another Employee

The employer cannot place blame on another team member or outside party for any resulting injuries or damages.

If a wounded employee has further questions about how to target a non-subscriber employer or what defense strategies are prohibited, a knowledgeable Universal City attorney can offer guidance and clarification.

Monetary Damages Associated with Workplace Injury Claims

When someone is injured on the job and can prove that it was not their fault, their case usually entitles them to substantial financial compensation. These monetary damages are necessary since they give a claimant the resources to recover from the accident and get their life back on track. Common financial compensation seen in work injury claims includes repayments for:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Diminished earning potential
  • Any and all lost wages
  • Embarrassment or emotional anguish
  • Disfigurement
  • Reduced career opportunity
  • Physical pain and suffering

Pinpointing the exact compensation that a claimant deserves can be confusing and needlessly complicated, but a skilled Universal City workplace injury representative can help their client review the details of the accident and calculate their potential damage recovery.

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