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Commercial vehicles, while important to our economy, are large, heavy, and dangerous. Any crash with one of these vehicles could leave an innocent driver in a tough position, unable to recover, act, or go back to work. Fortunately, when a trucker or a commercial vehicle corporation’s negligence caused the wreck, most plaintiffs will have options for filing a claim and pursuing financial compensation.

However, these cases require experience with negotiation and knowledge of the complex legal system. Therefore, big rig crash claims are best handed with the assistance of a dedicated injury attorney. If you were involved in a similar incident, a Universal City truck accident lawyer can classify the crash, handle communications with an insurance company, and prove that you were not responsible.

The Different Kinds of Truck Accidents

There are countless kinds of accidents that involve tractor trailers, but statistics demonstrate that some are more common than others. Some of the most frequent kinds of commercial vehicle wrecks include:

Jackknife Crashes

Jackknife wrecks occur when a trucker slams on the brakes or swerves in an attempt to avoid a hazard, resulting in the trailer swinging to the side. These accidents are dangerous because they often result in a truck sliding great distances, increasing the chances of colliding with another vehicle.

Blind Spot Accidents

Meanwhile, if a trucker switches lanes or merges without checking all of their blind spots, they could collide with a car and cause severe injuries.

Rollover Collisions

Finally, rollovers occur when a big rig driver swerves quickly, causing the truck to tip over on the side. These are particularly severe, because a flipped truck could block a highway and cause a multi-car wreck that leaves many people hurt.

Regardless of the cause of the crash, all cases are severe and deserve the best legal representation. Fortunately, a seasoned attorney in Universal City can speak with witnesses, assess a police report, and examine the accident scene to conclude that the truck accident was definitely caused by a driver’s negligence.

Proving Liability After Truck Crashes

Unlike a car accident case, there are usually multiple different parties that might need to assume responsibility for a tractor trailer collision, depending on the details of the situation. For instance, if a trucker texted behind the wheel, they would likely be the only one liable for the wreck. Meanwhile, if a commercial vehicle company forced a driver to stay out on the road for an unreasonable period of time, the employer might need to assume financial responsibility for the entire accident. Finally, if the manufacturer of the truck created a defective vehicle with faulty brakes, they might face substantial blame.

Figuring out exactly who to target can be an uphill battle because every big rig case is unique. Thankfully, an intelligent Universal City lawyer is up to the challenge of investigating whose negligence led to the truck accident in question.

How do New Laws Regulate Truck Accident Claims?

One important consideration regarding truck accidents is that, in September 2021, a new law went into effect that relates to commercial trucks and passenger cars. Under According to Texas House Bill 19, the passenger driver must establish two specific legal elements before moving forward with their case.

First, a claimant must transparently prove negligence, with evidence. Then they must demonstrate that they suffered concrete losses, inconveniences, or injuries. These new laws definitely make submitting a lawsuit more challenging, so implementing a Universal City attorney who specializes in truck accidents can be an invaluable resource.

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Accidents involving commercial trucks often involve extensive property damage, severe injuries, and large settlements. This makes them high stakes cases that deserve careful attention.

If you were involved in a crash and are feeling like you are without options, a hard-working Universal City truck accident lawyer can complete a full investigation and find the evidence needed to prove liability. Time is of the essence, so reach out today to get started on this important legal process.

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