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Premises liability law, a unique subset of personal injury law, exists to protect people from getting hurt while spending time on another person’s property. Under these frameworks, when you can prove the property owner’s negligence is to blame, a carefully filed personal injury lawsuit could help you collect the financial compensation you deserve.

This can be challenging if you are also trying to recover from severe injuries, but a dedicated Universal City premises liability lawyer knows the law and how to apply it to your case. Let our team of skilled attorneys fight for your rights and integrity.

The Legal Definition of Premises

Premises is a general term that, in most cases, refers to areas of a person’s property, such as buildings, land, structures, stores, or other elements. In some situations, sidewalks, walkways, lawns, or parking lots are considered part of a premises.

Plaintiffs should remember that the purpose of the property or premises helps dictate the standard of care they are owed. For instance, property that is designed for shopping is often treated differently than public land used for hiking. These nuances are difficult to understand without the assistance of a knowledgeable Universal City attorney – the ideal person to handle a complex premises liability case.

When do Standards of Care Differ in Premises Liability Cases?

Depending on a visitor’s reason for spending time at a property, the standard of care they are owed changes significantly. There are a few visitor classifications to understand, including:


An invitee is a person who is allowed to spend time on a space, either with written, spoken, or implied permission. For example, a customer who arrives at a local business to shop is entitled to be there under implied consent.

A property holder owes invitees a great duty of care. They must warn these visitors of any known dangers and fix potential hazards within a reasonable time period. Additionally, a property owner needs to perform routine inspections to keep their land safe.


Meanwhile, a licensee is permitted on a property, but their reason for visiting usually does not benefit a landowner. A great example of a licensee is someone who arrives at a home for a dinner party or a solicitor who was not expressly invited.

The duty of care for a licensee is less than an invitee. A property owner must still warn of known hazards on the property, but they do not have the same obligation to regularly inspect the space.


Finally, a trespasser is someone who enters a premises without any kind of permission. Trespassers are owed little to no protection, depending on the circumstances.

Determining one’s legal status at the time of a visit is a crucial part of the premises liability claims process, since it concludes the level of protection owed and whether a property owner can be held liable for negligence. A seasoned Universal City lawyer can help someone figure out their legal status at the time of visiting a premises.

Work With a Universal City Premises Liability Attorney for Best Results

When get hurt while visiting someone else’s property, you will likely be able to work with a Universal City premises liability lawyer to hold the defendant accountable. Determining fault in these cases can quickly become complicated, especially if an opposing attorney tries to argue that you were trespassing or doing something you should not have been.

However, our legal team is here to maintain your integrity and help you collect monetary damages for your injuries. Reach out to our office today to get started on your civil claim.

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