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As a parent, it is always devastating to watch your child get hurt in an accident. You should never have to witness your child suffer, especially in cases where an accident was entirely preventable.

If you can prove that another person’s negligence led to your child’s injury, you can work with our accident attorneys to seek justice. A knowledgeable Universal City child injury lawyer could help you hold the responsible parties accountable for their gross or intentional misconduct.

What Usually Causes Child Injuries?

Every parent accepts that minor injuries like bumps and bruises are a part of everyday life with a child since children explore regularly and try new things. However, when a child’s injuries occur because somebody else made a reckless or careless mistake, the situation changes dramatically. Typical causes of preventable child injuries include

For instance, if a driver decides to text behind the wheel, they could hit another car and injure a child. Meanwhile, if a doctor fails to observe a reasonable standard of care, innocent children might be left with life-changing injuries.

An experienced child injury attorney in Universal City can collect evidence about the cause of the accident and prove that it could have been prevented if a defendant had acted carefully.

Monetary Damages in Child Injury Cases

Children are particularly fragile and vulnerable to injuries. Because children’s bodies and minds grow throughout their childhood, they can suffer more severely in an accident. For example, if a child gets in a car crash and suffers a bone fracture in a growth plate, they might be disabled or disfigured for the rest of their life. Similarly, shaking an infant could result in head damage and lifelong cognitive challenges. Someone recovering from this damage might need alternative schooling or continual attention.

Our compassionate child injury lawyers in Universal City understand the seriousness and the potential future repercussions of these cases. Therefore, a legal team member can pursue a damage award that accurately reflects the facts. In addition to seeking reimbursement for a child’s current medical expenses, they would investigate and push for repayment for the cost of future treatment and therapy.

If appropriate, they can research the costs of long-term care, help a family pursue recovery for the loss of estimated future income, and seek monetary damages for pain, suffering, or reduced quality of daily life. Our firm is dedicated to seeking comprehensive justice in child injury cases.

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When your child is injured, their recovery should be your only concern. They deserve the best medical care and continued attention. You should not have to worry whether they will be ok or how you will pay for their treatment.

Instead, put your trust in a Universal City child injury lawyer who knows how to handle these types of cases sensitively and successfully. They will work tirelessly and aggressively on your behalf. Contact us online today to learn more.

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