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When taking a medication based on a doctor’s orders, patients should not have to worry about whether the treatment could harm them. Unfortunately, drug manufacturing and development is a competitive industry, which can shift the focus from creating safe medications to producing drugs that make the company more profitable. This means that many drugs with significant or potentially deadly dangers are regularly introduced into the consumer market. These dangers typically come in the form of undisclosed side effects with severe symptoms.

The resulting injuries can be frightening and confusing, but a skilled personal injury attorney from our firm can inform you of your potential right to compensation. After this, a Universal City dangerous drugs lawyer could assess the manufacturer’s actions and make your case as strong as possible.

Side Effects and Injuries Associated with Dangerous Drugs

Generally, the injuries associated with a hazardous medicine vary greatly, depending on the physical characteristics of the patient. Some people might not experience any real side effects, while others might be left with a life-changing injury or a permanent disability.

Additionally, a dangerous drug might not cause immediate symptoms or injuries, but instead later result in a sudden set of side effects. Symptoms could start out as minor but soon develop into much more severe issues after days, weeks, or months. Therefore, when someone starts to notice symptoms sometime after starting to take a new medicine, they should always remember that these side effects could possibly be caused by a dangerous treatment.

If a wounded patient needs help linking their injuries to the use of a potentially dangerous drug, a detail-oriented attorney in Universal City can assess medical records to make the resulting case stand out.

Holding Pharmaceutical Companies Liable for Producing Dangerous Drugs

Thankfully, innocent consumers usually have many options for holding a pharmaceutical corporation accountable for selling, marketing, a producing a dangerous drug. A compelling personal injury claim can help make things right, as our compassionate representatives could explain.

When it comes to actually filing these cases, anyone seeking compensation for a dangerous drug needs to establish that the manufacturer was negligent in one of a few key ways. For instance, a pharmaceutical corporation could be held responsible for creating a hazardous medicine if any of the following caused injury:

  • Negligent production, design, or testing
  • False or misleading marketing
  • Failure to disclose known dangers of the medication
  • Failure to address or acknowledge negative research
  • Violation of state or federal consumer protection laws

Establishing any of these forms of reckless or careless corporate practice can be a unique challenge, and even in a properly proven case, a pharmaceutical company might hesitate to provide fair compensation to people harmed by their product. Fortunately, a tenacious lawyer in Universal City can prove that a corporation acted negligently, maximize compensation, and make sure that a dangerous drug does not have the opportunity to harm people in the future.

Work with a Universal City Dangerous Drugs Attorney for Best Results

When you place your trust in your doctor and the pharmaceutical companies to prescribe and create the proper drugs for your illness, injury, or disease, you have the right to hold them accountable if something goes wrong. However, doing this on your own can be an uphill battle, especially since a medicine company usually has substantial resources that they can use to combat your claim.

Working with a Universal City dangerous drugs lawyer can minimize the headache associated with filing a claim since our team members can outline your rights as a consumer and combat frustrating corporate tactics. Contact our firm today to learn more about your legal options.

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