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Trust is necessary when choosing nursing homes to look after your family members and keep them safe. There are legal procedures in place to ensure nursing home personnel provide high-quality care to their residents, but these regulations are not always respected.

Therefore, nursing home abuse is a serious and growing issue. For instance, a lack of sufficient staff and instruction combined with cost-cutting motivations often results in habitually disregarded procedures.

If you believe your loved one is suffering from neglect or mistreatment at their trusted retirement home, you may want to call a Universal City nursing home abuse lawyer. One of our seasoned injury attorneys can investigate the allegations, collect evidence of wrongdoing, and help your family adhere to filing regulations.

How Might a Nursing Home Engage in Abusive Behavior?

The ways that retirement communities abuse patients can be subtle and difficult to detect. Therefore, family members must be prepared to identify red flags that indicate mistreatment. It is critical for relatives to be aware of a facility’s conditions and the quality of treatment that their loved one receives.

In some instances, the signs that the retirement community is neglectful are readily apparent. Unchanged sheets, dirty bedrooms, and slippery floors, for example, all indicate that nursing home personnel have fallen short of delivering proper care.

Meanwhile, neglect, forced isolation, and emotional abuse are common in nursing homes. A retirement community might forget to feed residents, keep them stuck inside, or hire manipulative staff that intentionally mistreat patients. All of these negligent actions could open up a nursing home to liability, as a knowledgeable Universal City attorney can explain.

The Consequences of Nursing Home Abuse on Residents

An elderly resident may show physical or behavioral changes after being abused by their retirement community. For instance, notable dehydration is one of the most frequent consequences of nursing home mistreatment. A neglected senior might also experience poor hygiene, bedsores, cuts, or bruises.

In more severe cases, neglected residents may develop pressure ulcers, sepsis, or osteomyelitis, which is swelling in the bones. The mistreated senior might feel embarrassed and scared about reporting their experience, which could lead to further depression or emotional trauma. Finally, negligent or abusive staff at a nursing facility might also take advantage of a resident through financial means, including stealing money, valuable items, or their identity.

All of these examples and injuries deserve legal representation, and our nursing home abuse lawyers in Universal City can help a family hold the negligent facility accountable for their misconduct.

Nursing Home Abuse and Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, accidental neglect or intentional mistreatment in a nursing home can result in a wrongful death. Severe dehydration, sepsis, or pressure ulcers, for example, could all cause fatal complications. Additionally, if a senior suffers a blow to the head after slipping on a wet floor, they could pass away due to a subdural hematoma. After these accidents, filing a wrongful death lawsuit is usually an option.

Wrongful death claims involving nursing home residents are complex forms of litigation. Surviving family members have a brief two-year window to file a claim, according to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §16.003.

Given the importance of these cases, obtaining representation from a skillful retirement home abuse attorney in Universal City may prove invaluable. Our compassionate team members can work with experts to assess the cause of death and hold the senior community accountable for their gross negligence.

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Your elder loved ones deserve to live out the remainder of their life in comfort, being treated with respect and dignity. When a negligent or abusive nursing home staff member or facility mistreats a family member, you should seek dedicated legal assistance.

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