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Since boat accidents happen on the open water, any of these incidents could be even more dangerous than a motor vehicle accident. For instance, you could sustain more severe injuries due to how long it takes for emergency services to arrive, or the situation could feature a heightened risk of drowning.

Additionally, if you or a close family member sustained an injury from a boating crash, you might face a significant road to recovery and be left with significant financial expenses. Thankfully, a knowledgeable Universal City boat accident lawyer can evaluate your case, help determine your potential legal options, and maximize the compensation you collect through your personal injury claim.

Negligent Acts that Might Lead to a Boating Accident

Generally speaking, anyone operating a watercraft needs to act in a careful and reasonable manner to avoid putting other boats, water vehicles, and swimmers in danger. When someone fails to do this, their behavior would likely be considered negligent, careless, or reckless, meaning that they could face liability for their actions. Common examples of negligent decisions made by boaters include but are not limited to:

  • Driving a boat at high speeds
  • Unpredictably weaving through a lake that is packed with other boats or watercraft
  • Cutting off other vessels
  • Allowing too many passengers to board a ship
  • Failing to turn on lights while operating a boat at night
  • Driving a boat while under the influence of alcohol

Determining exactly which form of negligent behavior led to the crash is a crucial part of boat accident claims, and a seasoned universal attorney understands the examples that commonly apply to these cases.

Why is Operating a Boat While Drunk Particularly Negligent?

Driving a ship or watercraft after drinking can be incredibly reckless because it could lead to the wrongful death of many people. Thankfully, state laws work to prohibit this behavior. For instance, under Texas Penal Code § 49.06, an individual could be charged with an intoxicated boating offense if their blood-alcohol content is 0.08% or higher.

Even if a reckless boater does not meet the required amount for a criminal charge, evidence of alcohol or drug use could help establish legal negligence.

Proving Liability in a Boat Accident Claim

After concluding the cause of the accident, the next main phase of the claims process involves proving that the defendant’s behavior definitely classifies as negligent. In most cases, a plaintiff and their representation can accomplish this by presenting evidence like police reports, medical bills, eyewitness testimony, accident reconstruction reports, or property damages invoices.

Could Multiple People be Responsible for a Boat Crash?

In most cases, the only individual who might face liability for a crash and the resulting injuries is the negligent boater. However, depending on the circumstances, a commercial manufacturer or a boater’s employee might also need to assume responsibility. For instance, if someone who made the boat cut corners and this oversight caused injury, the corporation might need to pay the plaintiff. Meanwhile, if a tour boat company offered inadequate training, the employer might be held accountable for their lack of due care. A detail-oriented lawyer in Universal City can assess the entire situation to conclude whether multiple defendants could be held accountable for the boat accident in question.

Compensation Typically Awarded in Boat Accident Cases

Just like with most civil cases, compensation awarded in a boat accident claim is usually designed to help put the injured person get their life back on track. Both economic and non-economic damages apply to most watercraft crash claims and understanding the definitions of these reimbursements is key.

Economic damages commonly include repayment for medical care, lost wages due to missed time at work, the damage the boat sustained, or any other losses with a clear financial value. Meanwhile, non-economic damages might come in the form of reimbursement for pain and suffering, permanent disfigurement, or reduced enjoyment of daily life. A well-versed attorney in Universal City can assess the boat accident case to determine exactly how much compensation a plaintiff needs to recover fully.

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Since so many people use local lakes and waterways, especially in the summer months, you should understand the basics of boat accident cases. Additionally, if you or a close loved one does get hurt while riding on a ship, you have rights that our hardworking team members can protect. A seasoned Universal City boat accident lawyer can answer your questions and help you file your claim. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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