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A significant number of motorcycle accidents in Texas happen because of negligence by someone else sharing—or rather, not properly sharing—the road with a motorcyclist. Unfortunately, motorcyclists tend to endure more severe injuries in collisions with motor vehicles compared to the car’s occupants. Sometimes a biker experiences life-changing losses due to one person’s momentary irresponsibility.

If another driver’s misconduct directly caused you to crash speak with a Lakeway motorcycle accident lawyer about your legal options. A seasoned personal injury attorney can help you recover compensation for all of your losses and setbacks.

Who Could Bear Fault for a Motorcycle Crash?

Plaintiffs build successful motorcycle accident claims by using evidence showing another driver acted recklessly, carelessly, or maliciously, directly causing an accident and injuries. However, motor vehicle drivers are not necessarily the only parties who could be found partially or primarily accountable for a motorbike wreck.

In some situations, motorcycle collisions occur because of a third party’s negligence. For example, if a crash occurs because of a mechanical fault in a motorcycle, a mechanic who performed subpar maintenance or a manufacturer that provided defective parts could be to blame. Likewise, municipal and state government entities might be responsible for incidents caused by dangerous road conditions that went unaddressed. However, additional rules apply to these types of claims. A knowledgeable attorney in Lakeway understands who to target after a motorcycle accident and can file a claim that holds the right party accountable.

Could a Motorcyclist be Responsible for a Crash?

Unfortunately, it is common for defendants to argue that motorcyclists contributed to causing or worsening their injuries through their own carelessness. According to Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §33.012, a motorcycle rider might not be able to collect the full extent of compensation they deserve if they are partially responsible for a crash. A court can even bar them entirely from recovery under TX Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §33.001 if they bear more fault than all the other defendants combined.

Allegations of shared fault for a crash can be frustrating, but a tenacious legal representative knows how to counter these claims and preserve a motorcycle rider’s right to compensation.

Recovering for All Available Damages

A motorcyclist who can successfully prove someone else is responsible for their crash may demand restitution for all economic and non-economic losses associated with their injuries, including:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Lost short-term income
  • Lost long-term earning capacity
  • Motorcycle repair and replacement costs and other personal property losses
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma, including lost enjoyment of life
  • Lost consortium

The specific compensation that an individual can collect through a claim will vary based on the circumstances, but a skilled lawyer in Lakeway can offer further guidance on compensation following a motorcycle accident.

Consider Working with a Lakeway Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle crashes cause thousands of injuries each costly losses each year. Many of those wrecks would have been preventable if not for one person’s irresponsible conduct. In situations like this, enforcing your legal right to demand fair financial recovery can be vital to protecting your interests in both the short and long term.

A conversation with a Lakeway motorcycle accident lawyer can provide much-needed clarity about the steps you should take to preserve your future. Call today to schedule a meeting with our team.

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