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Whether available over-the-counter or by prescription, medications should be reasonably safe for consumption. Additionally, their labels should tell people about what is in the drug and what potential risks there are with taking the product. When you take medicine and suffer an unexpected injury because of things like improper warnings or contaminated ingredients, you may be entitled to recover compensation.

A Lakeway dangerous drugs lawyer is best equipped to assist you in taking on the pharmaceutical company, pharmacist, doctor, or other entity responsible for what happened. Our seasoned law firm employs a personalized approach to providing legal services, making an injured person feel supported and valued. Additionally, our personal injury attorneys have a track record of achieving results on behalf of clients with claims against someone who provided them with an unsafe drug.

When Is a Medication Dangerous?

Many different factors can cause a drug to be unsafe for consumers to use. For example, the labels and package inserts that come with over-the-counter and prescription drugs should inform patients about the ingredients and possible side effects. When the medication does not have an insert or has inaccurate or misleading information, it may cause the drug to be dangerous.

Likewise, when the ingredients in the prescription pose an unreasonable risk (e.g., due to contamination), the medication can be unsafe for use. Furthermore, when the packaging does not safely preserve the drug (e.g., the container is not air-tight), this can also cause complications for patients who ingest the medication. Additionally, a substance can be hazardous when someone falsifies documents or provides misleading information to the government when getting approval to make or sell the compound.

Claims involving dangerous medications involve complex factors, leading an injured person in Lakeway to work with an attorney. A lawyer understands the procedures to use to uncover the source of the issue when it comes to drugs that cause consumers to experience significant harm.

Who Is at Fault When a Medication Is Unsafe?

 Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 82 outlines some of the legal requirements a person needs to meet when suing someone because of a medication that harmed them. Where dangerous drugs are at issue, many people may be to blame, including the pharmacist who dispenses it and the pharmaceutical company who researched and developed it. Likewise, drug stores may be accountable for the harm experienced by consumers if, for example, the seller improperly stored the medication.

When the doctor makes a mistake when prescribing something to a patient, they may be liable for injuries the patient experiences because of this. A dangerous drugs lawyer in Lakeway can assist a patient by helping them identify who might be at fault for their injuries. Additionally, they can help a person understand and meet their filing deadlines under the applicable laws.

For Legal Help, Call a Dangerous Medication Attorney in Lakeway

There are important laws designed to protect people from suffering harm due to the negligent or fraudulent conduct of people who make, sell, prescribe, or dispense medications. When companies do not follow these laws and people are hurt in the process, an injured person has the right to stand up against these unlawful practices. When you are harmed or your loved one is killed by an unsafe drug, you deserve to pursue justice for what you have had to endure because of it.

At our firm, we advocate for those hurt or killed because of hazardous prescription or over-the-counter substances. We are unafraid to fight against the faceless institutions responsible for these and other harms. Contact a Lakeway dangerous drugs lawyer to schedule a consultation.

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