Lakeway Construction Accident Lawyer

Lakeway attracts families to the pristine waterways and outdoor activities in Texas Hill Country. Due to the area’s rapid growth, construction jobs have begun to blossom. If you are a construction worker, you expect your contractor or employer to enforce safety protocols in an industry known for catastrophic accidents.

However, construction companies often skirt safety measures to increase their profits. Unfortunately, these building companies are not required to carry workers’ compensation insurance in Texas, but a Lakeway construction accident lawyer can fight for your rights to compensation from the parties responsible for your injuries. Our dedicated injury attorneys can assess your claim and help you determine the best next steps.

Parties That May be Responsible for Construction Accidents

When a construction contractor or employer is not covered by workers’ compensation, injured workers must identify responsible parties and sue them to recover damages. Potential defendants could include:

  • Contractors or third parties who oversee construction jobs
  • Employers who fail to properly train or supervise employees and do not maintain equipment
  • Manufacturers of defective products such as tools and chemicals
  • Property owners who allow hazardous working conditions

Who are Third Parties?

Contractors are expected to provide a safe environment for construction workers, but third parties might also be responsible for an employee’s injuries. Subcontractors, equipment manufacturers, the owners of construction sites, and architects who design buildings could be liable for damages if a worker is hurt.

Because construction accidents in Lakeway can be complicated, injured parties should rely on a skilled attorney to present their case before a jury.

Types of Construction Accidents in Lakeway

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), worker falls are the number one cause of construction accidents and deaths. Construction workers often fall from high scaffoldings and land on machinery, construction debris, or the ground. Sadly, these falls can result in brain and spinal cord trauma, multiple broken bones, and even a wrongful death.

Frequently caused by electrical malfunctions and chemicals, burns are another common injury at construction sites. These injuries can cause disfigurement and permanent damage to nerves controlling impulses to the skin.

Other construction injuries result from using dangerous equipment, especially if construction workers are not adequately trained to use something. Likewise, chemical exposure without proper safety equipment and training is also a concern. A detail-oriented lawyer in Lakeway can review the circumstances of a construction accident and identify liable parties.

Compensation After a Construction Injury

Construction site injuries are often devastating, requiring extensive medical care and rehabilitation. Because these jobs require physical labor, workers are sometimes unable to perform their duties for long periods. Therefore, economic losses like hospital bills and lost wages are part of the compensatory damages that a skilled attorney will fight for when making a case to a jury.

Injured workers are also entitled to non-economic damages. Juries assign a value to subjective losses like mental anguish, chronic pain, disfigurement, and loss of consortium.

Time Limit for Filing Injury Lawsuits

The Texas Statute of Limitation for filing personal injury claims is generally two years from the date of the accident. A few exceptions apply, but missing the deadline usually means losing the opportunity to seek compensation. A dedicated attorney in Lakeway can help an injured person file their lawsuit within the appropriate deadline and keep their case on track.

A Lakeway Construction Accident Attorney Fights for You

If you are a construction worker, you have the satisfaction of seeing how your skills have added to the growth of Lakeway. However, if you are injured on the job, you face a future of medical bills, a lengthy recovery, and lost wages, all of which can be frightening.

We may be able to help. If another person or a manufacturer is responsible for damages, contact us to discuss your case. A Lakeway construction accident lawyer fights for your right to compensation at all stages of your case and is dedicated to protecting your legal rights.

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