Lakeway Boat Accident Lawyer

Going out on a lake or river can be a thrilling experience, creating opportunities for bonding and new memories. When engaging in these activities causes harm, such as slips, trips, falls, propeller injuries, and going overboard, state law may allow those injured to recoup compensation from the person or business who is to blame. When you are hurt while boating, fishing, kayaking, or on another type of vessel because someone else made a mistake, filing a lawsuit may be appropriate.

Given the physical, emotional, and financial toll of the incident, you may find it useful to retain a Lakeway boat accident lawyer. Our firm leverages years of experience and forges effective partnerships to help support and guide those hurt on the water. Our dedicated attorneys have a strong presence in the courtroom and at negotiation tables and a compassionate approach to service.

Common Causes of Marine Accidents

Being out on the water is a common pastime for many; however, there are risks that go along with it. For example, reckless operators may make dangerous decisions, like speeding or taking the craft out in inclement weather, that cause the vessel to capsize or passengers to fall off the boat. Likewise, passengers who are drinking or consuming drugs may fail to take proper precautions, such as wearing a life vest.

Other reasons for boat accidents include swimmers or kayakers caught in a larger vessel’s wake, causing them to experience potentially life-threatening injuries. In some cases, the company that manufactured or sold the boat may be the reason for the adverse event. For example, if the seller concealed a dangerous defect in the boat’s structure (such as gaps that can let in too much water), they may be to blame for the wreck that followed.

A lawyer in Lakeway has the special training required to help unravel the sequence of events that caused a boat wreck. They have an intimate knowledge of the state, local, and federal laws that can address incidents on navigable waters.

Filing a Legal Claim for an Injury Involving a Boat

A person injured in a maritime accident may be entitled to legal damages when someone else caused the event that hurt them. How they go about doing this (and what compensation might be available to them) depends on the circumstances leading to their injuries. For instance, when they qualify to bring an injury lawsuit under state law, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 may require them to do so within two years after the incident.

Sifting through the nuanced laws can be difficult for an injured person to do while also managing their day-to-day obligations. Many find that they benefit from working with a Lakeway lawyer who has valuable training in filing boat accident claims. Our attorneys can equip people with the knowledge and support they need to confidently move through the claims process.

For Legal Help, Call a Boat Wreck Attorney in Lakeway

When you are hurt in a marine accident, taking action can provide a pathway for you to seek reimbursement for your losses. By speaking up and holding the at-fault party responsible in court, you may also find room to heal and move forward after what you have experienced. Instead of taking on this role by yourself, which may interfere with your healing, consider the benefits of hiring a seasoned lawyer who can help.

Our diligent and compassionate advocates proudly serve those injured on a waterway. We understand the challenges faced by many victims of marine wrecks and have the tools to help them pursue justice. Contact a Lakeway boat accident lawyer at our office to set up a no-obligation consultation to discuss the next steps.

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