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When you or your loved one experiences a shattered spine, life-altering brain injury, or other catastrophic harm and someone else is to blame, state law may empower you to hold the bad actor accountable for their actions. Filing a legal claim can give you the opportunity to pursue compensation for the immense costs you may carry because of your condition. Instead of adding more to your plate by taking on a lawsuit yourself, consider working with an experienced personal injury attorney who can assist you.

A Lakeway catastrophic injury lawyer at our office can collaborate with you and seek justice for what you have gone through. For years, people have trusted our reputable team to handle legal matters in complex cases involving severe injury or death. Our knowledgeable attorneys have exceptional training in handling these types of claims and helping guide negotiations.

Examples of Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic harms are those that cause life-threatening, severe, or irreversible damage or death. For example, when someone breaks their neck in a rollover car crash, this may result in irreparable paralysis or loss of life. Likewise, when a medical mistake causes a patient to get a potentially fatal infection, this also qualifies as catastrophic.

Another example is when someone suffers severe burn injuries that permanently disfigure them. Losing a leg in a construction-related accident (such as a forklift or crane injury) would also be included in most definitions of irreversible damage. A catastrophic injury attorney who practices in Lakeway can help a person and their family members seek justice for severe harm caused by the negligence of others.

Types of Legal Claims for Catastrophic Injuries

After life-threatening or life-altering accidents, an injured person may be eligible to bring a legal case against the person or institution who caused them harm. Depending on the situation, a person may be able to file:

  • A medical malpractice claim against an abusive nursing home facility
  • A personal injury case against a drunk truck driver
  • A product liability lawsuit against the maker of a defective car
  • A premises liability claim against a careless business owner

The type of case a person can bring (and what legal requirements they need to meet) depends on the unique circumstances at play. For example, a person filing a lawsuit for a car accident may have just two years to do so under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003. A person may have more or less time when an exception applies, such as when they are suing the government.

The rules around filing a lawsuit for a catastrophic injury can be confusing, and Lakeway residents often find it useful to seek advice from a lawyer. An attorney can investigate the claim and determine what laws apply to the situation. They can also prepare and file critical documents (like a complaint or demand letter) to protect a person’s best interests.

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When you are unable to walk, are permanently disfigured, or experience another type of severe harm because of someone else’s mistake, filing a lawsuit may be an appropriate option. Going to court may sound overwhelming, but it may be an invaluable opportunity to seek the financial assistance you need to alleviate the stress of the injury. You can take on this task without a lawyer, but you may find it beneficial to work with one.

Our law firm devotes considerable time, energy, and resources to championing the rights of people who are irreparably hurt or killed in accidents. We frequently find details that other attorneys might miss, and our work ethic is exceptional. Contact a Lakeway catastrophic injury lawyer to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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