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The physical and emotional pain of a burn injury is a difficult experience to cope with as you adjust to life afterward. The toll of these injuries can be compensable when another person or business is at fault. Different state laws can affect the outcomes of these types of cases, which is why the help of a Lakeway burn injury lawyer can be beneficial when seeking claims for financial recovery. Call one of our seasoned catastrophic injury attorneys today to learn more.

The Potential Injuries and Damages from the Different Types of Burns

Burn injuries come in several different forms and severities, which can leave a person with permanent scarring, disfigurement, and reduced function or mobility in affected areas of the body. Some of the different types of burns that could occur through the negligent acts of others include:

  • Electrical Burns: exposure to active current from wiring and other sources
  • Thermal burns: exposure to open flames and contact with other sources of heat
  • Radiation burns: contact with radiation from equipment and machinery or from natural sources like the sun
  • Chemical burns: these may not leave scarring but could cause cancer and other serious medical conditions

These burns can range in severity from first to fourth degree and lead to permanent skin damage as well as damage to the muscle tissue and bone underneath it. When burns affect especially vulnerable areas, other potential damages can include organ failure and death. A Lakeway attorney could help a claimant understand the severity of a burn injury and possible compensation.

Premises Liability for Burn Injuries

A burn injury can happen when visiting another’s property and being subjected to dangerous conditions. Property owners have a general duty of care to warn and protect visitors against any known and foreseeable dangerous conditions on the property. In the case of burn injuries, this could be as simple as failing to provide proper notice to areas with heat or radiation exposure. Another example could be a building code violation involving exposed wiring that causes an electrical burn.

Property owners could have more limited liability in other cases involving burn injuries depending on the context and relationship to the injured person. For example, land owners only have a duty to protect trespassers from willful or grossly negligent conditions. An attorney knowledge in burn injury cases in Lakeway could help prove negligence.

Product Liability for a Burn Injury

Manufacturers and retailers can also have liability for a person’s burn injury that results from the use of a defective product. Product liability claims generally require showing that the product had a defect either in its design or manufacture that existed before it was sold to the injured person. Key issues in obtaining compensation for burn injuries from product liability are when the defect developed and whether the injured person was appropriately using the product as intended. Not all burn injuries from a defective product may be compensable, if, for instance, the product is inherently unsafe under Texas Code § 82.004. A lawyer in Lakeway can review a burn injury case and determine the eligibility for compensation.

The State Statute of Limitations for a Burn Injury Lawsuit

It is possible for burn injuries to arise in areas outside of premises or product liability cases. For example, burns could be the result of fires or explosions following a motor vehicle accident or a workplace incident. Regardless of how a burn injury happens, a plaintiff only has two years from the date of the incident causing the burn to file a claim. An attorney based in Lakeway could help the claimant file a burn injury claim and provide more information.

How a Lakeway Burn Injury Lawyer Can Help Pursue Compensation for Damages

You can have a right to compensatory and exemplary damages for your burn injury, including coverage for your medical costs and associated pain and suffering. A Lakeway burn injury lawyer can represent your interests in these cases during necessary court hearings and trial. When complex facts apply to the events of an incident, an attorney can protect against potential accusations of comparative fault when possible and advise on the merits of a proposed settlement to resolve your claim.

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