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Car accidents remain a major threat to the health and well-being of people throughout the Lakeway area. If a car accident is another driver’s fault, you deserve the compensation that you need to set things right. This can include money to cover the costs of medical treatment and payment for your reduced quality of life. It is only possible to collect appropriate compensation if you can show that another driver was entirely at fault for the incident, so working with a skilled injury attorney is key.

A Lakeway car accident lawyer can work to gather information about the collision, place that information within the framework of the law, and demand proper payments from at-fault drivers and their insurance companies.

What Are Another Driver’s Obligations?

Driving a car or any other type of motor vehicle comes with a responsibility. Getting behind the wheel means that a person assumes a duty to protect all other people that they may encounter. This obligation extends to other drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians.

To receive compensation after a car accident, an injured person must prove that another driver failed in this duty. In many situations, this can involve proving that a defendant violated a rule of the road. Speeding, failing to signal a turn or lane change, or tailgating could all open a driver up to responsibility for a crash.

In other cases, showing fault for a car accident is more nuanced. Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedy Code §33.003, juries will always evaluate the actions of all parties involved when considering a car wreck case. If a court believes that an injured person shares some blame for a crash, such as by being distracted by a cell phone, that jury must reduce a resulting award. If a jury finds that a claimant is 50 percent or more to blame for a crash, the claimaint becomes uneligible for compensation. A car accident attorney in Lakeway strives to prove that another driver’s actions were the sole cause of a collision.

Receiving Proper Compensation Means Demonstrating One’s Losses

Proving that another driver was responsible for an accident is only one part of a successful case. To achieve best results, it is also necessary to be able to connect one’s losses to the crash and gather proper evidence of those losses.

The core of most car accident cases will be a physical injury. These can range in severity from minor cuts and scrapes to concussions, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, or permanent injuries that impact the remainder of a person’s life. Once a plaintiff proves these injuries with evidence, an at-fault driver must provide payments for all necessary medical care. This can include ER visits, ambulance rides, surgery, and rehabilitation bills.

However, many car collisions impact a person’s life in more than one way. For instance, an injury from a wreck may keep a person out of work. In these situations, a driver must provide reimbursement for lost wages. In other cases, an injury may leave an individual with emotional trauma or other mental issues. A Lakeway car accident lawyer could help measure the impact of an accident on a person’s life and seek out fair payments.

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The hours and days following a car accident are vital to your health. Seeking immediate medical attention gives you the best chance to make your best recovery. However, obtaining legal counsel can be just as important. These days are essential to gathering evidence, protecting your legal rights, and cataloging the effect of the accident on your life.

A Lakeway car accident lawyer can help you to seek out the compensation that you deserve after a collision. An attorney can explain the laws that impact your case, gather evidence that proves another’s fault for the incident, and demand appropriate payments for your losses. Reach out to a Lakeway car accident attorney today to get started.

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