Lakeway Workplace Injury Lawyer

Suffering a workplace injury can place you in a difficult position. While many employers choose to protect themselves and their employees by retaining workers’ compensation policies, state law exempts most companies from this requirement. This means that a business may need to face full responsibility if an on-the-job injury affects an employee.

A Lakeway work injury lawyer can help you to collect the compensation that you need following accident on the job. A hardworking injury attorney could help to investigate the cause of an accident and fight to hold employers or negligent third parties responsible for their failure to keep you safe. Our team can also measure your losses and demand settlements or court verdicts that aim to set things right.

Helping Workers Injured on the Job

As previously mentioned, state law does not require most employers to retain a workers’ compensation insurance policy. With the rare exception of public government employers and those engaged in the fulfillment of government contracts, all businesses may opt-out of this protection. This decision has significant consequences for all employees who suffer an injury on the job.

Employers that choose to forego workers’ compensation insurance may be directly liable for any accidents or injuries in their workplace. After being hurt, a worker does not even need to demonstrate that their employer was directly responsible.  In fact, an employee may even be able to collect compensation if the injury was the result of their own carelessness.

While this system might be challenging to understand. A work injury attorney in Lakeway can take the lead in determining whether a business has workers’ compensation insurance. If the company does not, our legal team can perform a full investigation into the accident and connect a plaintiff’s losses to their job duties.

Potential Compensation following a Workplace Accident

Most work injury cases operate on the premise that a plaintiff should collect the compensation necessary to get their lives back on track after an accident. If a business decides not to subscribe to the workers compensation system, they will likely need to assume responsibility for compensating an injured employee.

However, the burden still lies on a worker to demonstrate the extent of their losses after an injury. The best way to do this is to work with a skilled legal representative – someone who can collect medical bills and other valuable evidence. When they are able to prove exactly what happened, an employee can collect payments for unanticipated expenses, emotional trauma, or any lost wages at work. It is important to work with a Lakeway lawyer, as they can help place an accurate dollar value on a work injury case to ensure a plaintiff collects what they deserve.

Contact a Lakeway Workplace Injury Attorney Immediately

All employees who suffer injuries while performing their jobs deserve the full compensation that they need to cover their bills and bring stability back into their lives. If your employer does not carry workers’ compensation insurance, or if an injury was the result of a third party’s negligence, you should bring your case to our legal team.

A Lakeway workplace injury lawyer can determine whether your company should face liability, pursue a settlement, or take your case to court. Our legal team fight for the rights of employees after accidents and can protect your best interests at all stages of your case. Call today to learn more.

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