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When negligent bus drivers hurt people by making careless decisions, like texting and driving or nodding off at the wheel, state law allows an injured person to speak up by filing a lawsuit in court. If you broke your wrist, got a concussion, or suffered another injury in a crash with a large commercial vehicle, like a bus, an attorney can help you understand your legal options. The compensation you may receive includes financial support for doctor’s bills or to make up for a reduction in wages.

A Lakeway bus accident lawyer at our office welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about your situation. We have extensive experience working with victims and families shouldered with physical and mental trauma after going through a bus wreck. Our reputable personal injury attorneys are here to hear your story and work with you to develop a strategy for moving forward.

Common Reasons Bus Wrecks Happen

Whether it is a charter vehicle, school bus, tourist vehicle, or other type of transport, they require care and special training to operate safely. Likewise, those driving passenger cars need to respect buses and other large commercial automobiles and give them plenty of space to maneuver. When people act carelessly, they increase the risks of collisions between vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists on or near the roadway.

For example, public bus drivers may let their licenses expire and fail to keep up with their training requirements. In turn, they may make grievous errors, leading to collisions with other vehicles. Distracted and drunk driving are also frequent causes of auto wrecks because they decrease the driver’s response time.

Road rage is another unfortunate source of accidents, leading drivers to seek retribution by cutting people off in traffic or refusing to yield the right of way. Victims of bus wrecks can suffer immeasurable harm because of the sheer weight and force involved in these accidents. An attorney in Lakeway can help people sift through the wreckage and records to determine the source of the bus crash and possible legal recourse.

Taking Legal Action After a Crash Involving a Bus

A person hurt in a collision with or while riding a bus may have a claim against the person or business responsible for what happened. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 gives a person two years to file a lawsuit for their injuries. There are cases where this deadline may be longer (e.g. if the victim is a minor) or shorter (e.g. if the at-fault party is the government).

Tex. Civ. Pr. & Rem. Code § 41 outlines some types of compensation injured people may be able to recover if they win their case against the negligent bus driver or company. For example, they might be eligible for economic damages, which allows them to recoup the financial losses of the incident. Additionally, a person may qualify for money to help address the physical, social, and mental trauma of the accident.

A bus crash lawyer in Lakeway can help a person estimate their compensation and negotiate settlement deals with those responsible for what occurred. They can review offers to settle and counsel an injured person on whether it is in their best interests to sign it or submit a counteroffer. Additionally, attorneys have the tools to press legal charges to help a person achieve a favorable outcome in court.

Call a Bus Crash Attorney in Lakeway for Legal Help

Going through a bus wreck can be a life-altering event, possibly causing you to experience trauma, broken bones, and loss of function in the aftermath. When another driver caused the collision, you may have the option to hold them accountable under state law by filing a lawsuit.

Our law firm can help you take the steps needed to protect your legal rights, such as by filing a complaint or negotiating with the at-fault driver or bus company. If you want to learn more about your rights or our services, contact a Lakeway bus accident lawyer at our office to schedule a consultation.

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