Motorcycle Traffic Laws in San Antonio

It is tempting for people to assume that riding a motorcycle is just like driving a small car. However, these two vehicles are incredibly different in many ways. Along with big differences in maneuverability, motorcycles are also subject to their own laws and regulations.

Respecting the motorcycle traffic laws in San Antonio is crucial, since doing so could help keep you safe. Thankfully, a knowledgeable motorcycle collision attorney could explain these regulations in detail, outline your rights as a motorcyclist, and help you protect the integrity of your civil claim if you were injured in an accident.

Specific Local Motorcycle Traffic Regulations

There are a couple different laws that impact motorcycle riding in San Antonio, the most important of which relate to licensing and helmet use. All local riders need to have a motorcycle license or an endorsement on their class C driver’s permit in order to be able to ride a motorbike. When it comes to helmets, riders do not have to wear one if they are over the age of 21, offer proof of medical insurance, and have taken a motorcycle safety course. However, wearing a helmet can greatly reduce the risk of catastrophic injury in a wreck.

When it comes to actually riding through San Antonio, motorcyclists should understand that local authorities uphold traffic regulations rather strictly. In fact, police might even enforce guidelines more carefully than they would for standard cars. For instance, when they see a motorcyclist, they might pay careful attention to make sure that the rider is yielding at stop signs, respecting traffic lights, and wearing a helmet if necessary. Due to the heightened attention of the authorities, it is crucial for motorcycle riders to make sure they understand local regulations. An intelligent attorney in San Antonio can address any confusions and make sure their client grasps the basics of local motorcycle laws.

Why is Following These Laws Important?

Actually following these local motorbike traffic regulations is just as important as learning about them, since failure to respect the law could cause a severe crash or impact the strength of a plaintiff’s case. Since motorcycles are harder to see, riders need to go to extra lengths to make sure car drivers notice them on the road. Respecting any relevant laws might help avoid wrecks since any unclear action or dangerous maneuver could result in a motorcyclist colliding with another vehicle.

Following local motorbike traffic regulations also helps an injured plaintiff maintain the strength of their case, reducing the chance that a defendant is able to produce evidence that shifts liability to the claimant. A tenacious lawyer in San Antonio can further explain why adhering to established motorcycle traffic rules is crucial during an initial consultation.

How Might Traffic Infractions Impact a Motorcycle Accident Claim?

If a motorcyclist was respecting traffic laws and became involved in an accident, any civil claim they pursue will likely be compelling. However, if they were not following the law, a defendant might be able to present evidence of this behavior and limit the monetary damages that a claimant collects.

For example, if a defendant can reveal that a motorcyclist partially caused a collision by speeding, not wearing a helmet, or making reckless decisions, the plaintiff’s case might become less compelling. If a judge determines that a claimant is more than 50 percent responsible for an accident, the state’s comparative negligent laws prevent this party from collecting any damages at all. Allegations of shared blame can be frustrating, especially for experienced motorcyclists who know that they were following the rules of the road. Fortunately, a dedicated attorney in San Antonio can counter claims of comparative negligence and demonstrate that the motorcyclist was heeding to traffic laws at the time of a crash.

Contact an Attorney about Motorcycle Traffic Laws in San Antonio

Motorcycles might seem like fun, simple, and exciting vehicles that anyone can pick up and ride. However, it is important to remember that these transportation options are subject to unique laws and regulations. Following these laws helps you protect your rights, so do not hesitate to reach out to a legal representative if you need help understanding your obligations. A skilled lawyer could outline all aspects of motorcycle traffic laws in San Antonio, to help keep local roadways safe. Call the office today to schedule a consultation.

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