Health Insurance and Motorcycle Accidents in San Antonio

After an unexpected motorcycle accident, you might be left with serious injuries and a growing pile of tasks. Part of your recovery process will likely involve dealing with insurance companies, both your own and the defendant’s. Your personal policy will likely pay for your medical bills or other expenses but understanding how this works is crucial.

Meanwhile, a defendant’s insurance company might try and avoid paying you the settlement you deserve. These tactics can be confusing to battle without legal representation, but a knowledgeable motorcycle crash attorney is here to help. Our firm can take over your case, helping you navigate all aspects of health insurance and motorcycle accidents in San Antonio.

Using a Personal Insurance Policy after a Motorcycle Wreck

Implementing a personal insurance policy to fund medical treatment or pay for vehicle repair is likely an option after a motorcycle accident, especially when working with a skilled legal advocate. Depending on the nature of the policy, a corporation might need to cover all or some of a person’s bills. A hardworking attorney in San Antonio could analyze the extent of a personal plan to make sure that the insurance agent fulfills their obligations to an injured motorcyclist.

The only time that a health insurance company needs to be reimbursed after a motorcycle accident is when a wounded rider later collects a large settlement from the defendant or a third party. In these situations, the corporation could use a legal concept known as the right of subrogation to collect some of the plaintiff’s settlement, as repayment for the funds previously used to pay medical bills. In these situations, a legal representative can protect a motorcyclist’s right’s by making sure that an insurance company does not take back more than they deserve.

If an insurance corporation tries to deny coverage, benefits, or payment in the first place, a motorcycle accident plaintiff can usually appeal this decision with the help of a tenacious lawyer.

Understanding the Role of the Defendant’s Insurance Plan

When a defendant’s negligence causes a severe motorcycle crash, this person’s insurance company will usually be required to assume financial responsibility for any resulting injuries, expenses, losses, or setbacks. Unfortunately, these corporations often consider their best interests and fight to reduce the settlement that they pay out to a claimant. For example, they might try and settle early, reimbursing a plaintiff for less than the cost of their medical expenses or motorcycle repair bills.

Thankfully, our firm has extensive experience with these tactics. A hardworking legal advocate fight to make sure that the defendant’s insurance policy repays an injured motorcyclist the full settlement they deserve. Therefore, a claimant should always avoid communicating with the other driver’s coverage agent after a motorcycle wreck. Instead, they should contact a seasoned lawyer in San Antonio about the relationship between the defendant’s health insurance and their motorcycle accident claim.

Call an Attorney about Health Insurance and Motorcycle Accidents in San Antonio

If you were struck by a careless or reckless driver while riding your motorbike carefully, you might be trying to negotiate with both your insurance policy and the defendant’s representation. You might have two different parties trying to deny you of the compensation you deserve.

Thankfully, our dedicated lawyers are here to help. When you call one of our legal team members, we can assess the accident, explain health insurance and motorcycle accidents in San Antonio, and fight to protect your legal rights. Fill out our online contact form to schedule your initial consultation.

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