Motorcycle Defects and Recalls in San Antonio

Defective parts on any motor vehicle are dangerous and could cause severe injuries. For instance, a flawed piece of equipment could cause an unexpected accident that leaves passengers with costly medical expenses. Defective equipment on motorcycles is even more hazardous since these vehicles offer little protection in the event of a crash.

Thankfully, most motorcycle manufacturers are responsible and act to recall their products when things go wrong. However, recalls are not always handled correctly. If you were injured while riding a motorcycle that eventually got recalled, you might be entitled to substantial compensation. If you were hurt after riding a motorbike that was not recalled properly, the case might become even more nuanced. Making the right decisions is key, and a knowledgeable motorbike crash attorney can explain the best way to handle motorcycle defects and recalls in San Antonio.

Basics of Defects and Recalls

A few different types of defects could affect a seemingly safe motorcycle. Manufacturing defects like tire malfunctions could make specific model numbers of an established vehicle line dangerous. Meanwhile, something larger like a poorly designed throttle might make an entire motorcycle hazardous and defective. If there are numerous, widespread instances of a motorcycle part being defective, a manufacturer might decide to recall either the part or the entire product. These recalls are important because they inform a large number of consumers about a known danger.

Thankfully, there are many ways that someone who purchased a defective motorcycle could learn about a new recall. First, the manufacturer of the motorbike is required to directly inform consumers of recalls by mailing a notice. Additionally, motorcycle riders can learn about recalls through news, weekly papers, tv programs, and social media.

If a motorcycle rider needs help understanding a published recall or demonstrating that their bike is defective, a skilled attorney in San Antonio can answer questions and investigate the vehicle.

How do Motorcycle Recalls Relate to Civil Claims?

Generally speaking, if an injured motorcyclist can prove that they were hurt by a defective or recalled motorbike, they could be entitled to substantial monetary damages. Available financial compensation in these cases includes reimbursement for aspects like lost wages, physical pain, emotional suffering, property damage, and permanent impairment.

There are some ways that filing a civil claim based around a defective motorbike might become complicated. For instance, in situations where a motorcycle is incredibly hazardous, using the vehicle might present the risk of imminent danger. In these circumstances, manufacturers might face substantial liability if they do not warn motorcyclists quickly enough. If a corporation does not inform consumers of a recall at all, the plaintiff might be awarded even more compensation.

Finally, in other situations, a motorcycle manufacturer might try and argue that a consumer ignored a recall and rode their motorbike anyway. These allegations might be frightening for an unrepresented plaintiff, but a tenacious lawyer in San Antonio can help protect their client’s rights. A seasoned legal representative can demonstrate that a consumer heeded a recall or dispute whether a motorcycle company even notified the public of a known defect.

Call an Attorney about Motorcycle Defects and Recalls in San Antonio

Being injured by a motorcycle that should have been safe to use is guaranteed to be a frustrating and confusing experience. If you were hurt by a flawed or recalled motorbike, you might wonder what to do and question whether you have options for seeking justice.

Thankfully, you usually have a path towards pursuing compensation if your case involved motorcycle defects and recalls in San Antonio. A dedicated legal team member could investigate the recall, determine whether a corporation waited too long to inform of imminent danger, and demonstrate that you were not riding on the vehicle after you knew it had been called back. Contact the office today to get started on your case.

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