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While most people assume that they will always be safe at their work, unexpected accidents still happen. Unfortunately, any accident in your workplace could lead to devastating injuries. No matter the workplace, an employer could create a hazardous environment through negligence. If your employer does not offer worker’s compensation insurance, you can likely hold them directly liable for your injuries and losses.

To assess your case and begin the process of pursuing monetary damages, you should meet with a Schertz workplace injury lawyer. A skilled personal injury attorney could negotiate with your employer or a third-party that might be to blame.

How Workplace Accidents Usually Occur

Generally speaking, accidents at work usually happen because of another person’s negligent behavior. Manufacturing, construction, or industrial environments are particularly vulnerable to these incidents. For example, dangerous tools, heavy machinery, falls from scaffolding, or exposure to toxic chemicals could hurt someone in any of these environments.

Meanwhile, employees at a regular office could be subject to unique dangers. Poor security, dimly lit workplaces, or inadequately marked hazards could lead to violence or slips and falls. This means that workplace accident cases usually vary significantly. Thankfully, a detail-oriented Schertz attorney has experience with these claims and knows the best strategy for each situation.

Determining Who to Target with a Workplace Accident Claim

Depending on the nature of the workplace and the details of the accident, figuring out the best party to file a claim against can be challenging. However, there are certainly guidelines that plaintiffs need to remember.

Targeting a Non-Subscriber Workplace

If the employer chooses not to subscribe to the workers’ compensation system, they will most likely need to assume responsibility for any resulting incidents, accidents, or injuries. Claims filed against a non-subscriber company are essentially just personal injury cases.

Fighting Back Against a Third-Party

Meanwhile, if the party who injured the plaintiff is not their employer, but some third party, the plaintiff could file their case against this individual or company. For example, if the manufacturer of a defective product caused a debilitating work accident, they might need to pay damages and face legal consequences. A seasoned lawyer in Schertz can determine exactly who to target and help the survivor of a workplace accident submit any remaining paperwork.

Monetary Damages Associated with Injuries at Work

In cases not limited by the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act, the available financial compensation is usually substantial. For instance, in a properly proven work injury case, a claimant might be able to collect damages that repay for:

  • Past and future medical costs
  • Property damage
  • Lost earnings or reduced income capacity
  • The cost of rehabilitation
  • Permanent disfigurement or disability
  • Physical pain or emotional suffering

Without these monetary damages, anyone injured at work might be left with years of trauma, pain, or medical expenses. Fortunately, a resourceful Schertz attorney can fight to maximize the compensation that their client collects.

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After an accident at work, your employer might need to assume legal responsibility for your injuries. Making sure this happens requires substantial evidence and, in most cases, the assistance of a dedicated Schertz workplace injury attorney. Acting quickly after an injury is important since evidence and memories can fade over time. Therefore, you should reach out to our team members today to get started on your case.

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