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When a person enters another person’s space, they expect that the owner or holder of this land will keep them safe. However, this does not always happen. If a property owner fails to maintain a respectable environment, they could cause serious injuries.

If you can prove that you were harmed due to negligence while visiting someone else’s business or property, a dedicated personal injury attorney can help you seek justice. An experienced Schertz premises liability lawyer can solidify your legal status at the time of your visit and demonstrate that carelessness or oversight concretely led to your injuries.

What Defines a Premises?

Premises is a general definition that refers to a person’s, business, home, or public property. A premises might include buildings, land, and any other structures on space. For example, stores, public offices, private homes, parking lots, sidewalks, or lawns could all be considered premises and be subject to injury claims.

Depending on the nature of the property, the level of care that the owner owes differs. For instance, a public business or office has a higher duty to keep people safe than a private home. All of this can be confusing for the average person, but a knowledgeable Schertz attorney understands the intricacies of what defines a premises and can navigate any liability suit.

Standards of Care in Premises Liability Lawsuits

While the type of property associated with a case is an important detail, the legal status of the person entering the space is also a crucial consideration. Depending on whether the injured plaintiff was expressly invited, trespassing, or on the location for some other reason, the duty of care that the property owner owes them differs greatly.


An invitee is someone who enters another person’s space with implied or expressed consent. For instance, if a business opens its doors to the public, anyone who enters the store is considered an invitee. These individuals arrive at a space for the benefit of the property owner.

When it comes to premises liability, property owners are required to give invitees a great duty of care. They need to warn these people of known dangers, resolve hazards within a reasonable time frame, and regularly inspect for additional unsafe elements.


Meanwhile, a group known as licensees are subject to a less stringent standards. A licensee is someone who visits a property with permission, but for a reasons that do not benefit the landowner in some way. Social guests are the most common example of a licensee.

Property owners are still required to warn licensees of known or obvious dangers, but they do not need to conduct regular inspections. If the owner of a premises does not inform a social guest about a potentially dangerous element, they might need to assume liability for any resulting injuries.


Finally, trespassers are people who arrive at a property without permission. These individuals are owed almost no protections. If a trespasser is injured by something dangerous on a premises, they will likely have minimal options for pursuing compensation.

It is crucial for plaintiff to demonstrate, in their premises liability claim, that they were not trespassing. A dedicated lawyer in Schertz can collect evidence to dispute allegations of trespassing and fight to protect their client’s right to monetary damages.

Consult a Schertz Premises Liability Attorney for Valuable Guidance

If you were injured while spending time on another person’s property as an invitee or a licensee, you deserve someone to protect your rights in court. You might be entitled to monetary compensation if you can prove that the property owner failed to keep their business safe or warn you of a known hazard.

Fortunately, a skilled Schertz premises liability lawyer has the experience necessary establish negligence and keep your case on track. Call today to schedule your consultation.

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