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Dog bites and other animal attacks are, unfortunately, common events that can leave you with serious injuries. They could also severely limit your ability to earn a living and reduce your overall quality of life. If you are bitten, you might assume that a dog’s owner will automatically need to face responsibility for the attack. However, local laws are a bit more nuanced – Texas retains a one-bite law that can help dog owners avoid liability after a bite.

Therefore, A Schertz dog bite lawyer can help you to pursue compensation if you were attacked by an aggressive pet. An experienced injury representative can work to show that a dog’s owner was responsible and measure how the event has impacted your life. Do not hesitate to get started on seeking justice.

What Are the Local Dog Bite Laws?

Unfortunately, local laws establish a concept known as the one-bite rule, which grants dog owners a singular chance to escape liability after their dog attacks someone.

Therefore, in order to construct a dog bite case, plaintiffs need to reference a previous trial and demonstrate that the animal’s owner knew or should have known about their pet’s dangerous past. According to Marshall v. Ranne, 511 SW 2d 255 (Tex. S.C. 1974), evidence that a claimant could use to establish previous dangerous behavior includes:

  • A previous bite or attack
  • Local laws that classify a specific breed of dog as being automatically dangerous
  • A determination by a local official that the animal is a dangerous presence in the community

Overcoming this one-bite rule is a vital portion of any demand for compensation after being unexpectedly bitten. A hardworking dog bite attorney in Schertz can provide more information about this law and obtain the evidence necessary to show that a dog’s owner knew or should have known about the animal’s potential for danger.

What Else Does a Dog Bite Claimant Need to Establish?

While the one-bite rule is a difficult barrier to cross in dog attack cases, it is far from the only thing that an injured person must be able to demonstrate. In addition, a plaintiff usually must reveal that it was the owner’s negligence that allowed the bite to occur. Many defendants will argue that a dog was merely defending itself or the owner’s property. They might also allege that an injured person was responsible by taunting or attacking the animal. A tenacious Schertz lawyer understands these tactics and can help to fight back against unfair allegations of antagonizing a dog.

Meanwhile, it is also incredibly beneficial for a dog bite plaintiff to demonstrate how the incident impacted their life. When they do this, they will usually be able to hold the negligent defendant accountable and seek financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, physical pain, and emotional trauma like a newfound fear of dogs. If a plaintiff needs help demonstrating how they were affected by the dog bite, a skilled representative can collect valuable evidence and factor it into their client’s case.

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Dog owners have a requirement to keep their animals under control, but they usually can avoid liability in specific situations due to the frustrating one-bite rule. All of this makes establishing responsibility more of a challenge, but our hardworking team members are up to the task.

If you were unexpectedly bitten by an aggressive dog, you deserve the best representation to protect your rights and help recover from this traumatic situation. A Schertz dog bite lawyer can take charge of your case, answer questions, and make sure that a manipulative defendant does not take advantage of you. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.

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