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When you trip or slip in a dangerous environment, you may fall onto sharp objects, from tall heights, or onto hard surfaces. Even a seemingly harmless fall could result in unforeseen injuries. Therefore, you deserve representation if you were hurt by another person or business’ negligence. You should not have to recover from hospital bills, lost time at work, or excruciating pain alone.

Thankfully, if you can prove another party’s negligent behavior, you may be entitled to financial compensation. To maximize the potential of your case, seek the services of a hardworking Schertz slip and fall lawyer. Our seasoned personal injury attorneys could assess your situation and determine whether you have a valid claim.

Where do Slips and Falls Usually Happen?

While an individual could slip, trip, or fall anywhere, these accidents do feature some statistical patterns. Common examples of locations where a pedestrian might trip or slip include but are not limited to:

  • Grocery stores or markets
  • Construction sites or industrial workplaces
  • Hotels, inns, or bed and breakfasts
  • Anywhere with inadequate lighting
  • Restaurants or shopping malls
  • Parking lots
  • Public swimming pools
  • Government buildings or public spaces

Depending on where the accident occurred, the process for resolving the case might look different. For example, if someone tripped at a business, the property or store owner might need to assume all legal responsibility.

Injuries on Business Property

Many people unfortunately slip and fall while they are out serving as a customer at a business. They may be shopping, eating, or passing through. When the business is open to the general public, state laws require a store or enterprise owner to maintain a safe environment and warn visitors of known hazards. If they fail to do this and cause slip or fall injuries, a court might label them responsible for any resulting losses and damages.

If a slip and fall plaintiff needs help demonstrating that a business owner failed to maintain a safe premises, they can work with a dedicated Schertz attorney.

What Kinds of Environmental Features Cause Falls or Slips?

There are many different ways that a property or business owner might create an unsafe environment. Hazardous situations are varied, including:

  • Loose carpeting or rugs
  • Holes in the ground
  • Uneven entryways or staircases
  • Improper markings on floors
  • Slippery substances on the floor
  • Exposed wires or cords
  • Debris blocking an exit

While some of these features might not seem overly perilous, they could all cause substantial injuries if they are not visible or marked. A knowledgeable lawyer in Schertz could investigate the accident scene to conclude exactly what caused a plaintiff to slip and fall.

Statute of Limitations in Slip and Fall Claims

Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 16.003 establishes that, in most cases, anyone hoping to file a personal injury claim needs to do so within two years. Slip and fall cases are no exception to this statute of limitations.

If an injured pedestrian fails to submit their case within this time limit, they will most likely lose their opportunity to collect any financial compensation. Fortunately, a proactive lawyer in Schertz can help make sure that a client does not miss this important window.

Take your Case to a Schertz Slip and Fall Attorney Today

When you slip, trip, or fall due to a defendant’s negligence or a property owner’s failure to maintain a safe premises, you deserve someone to fight for your rights. You should not have to navigate paperwork, investigations, and complex legal processes while you are recovering from your injuries.

Thankfully, a Schertz slip and fall lawyer is here to help. One of our team members could assess the strength of your case and develop a personalized strategy. Call today to get started.

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