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Motorcycles are fun and efficient vehicles, but they can also be extremely dangerous. Even in situations where you were riding carefully, the irresponsible actions of another driver can leave you gravely injured and suffering financial hardships.

Thankfully, a skilled personal injury attorney from our firm can help you seek the justice and compensation you need to get back on your feet. A Schertz motorcycle accident lawyer can investigate the accident scene, determine the scope of compensation you deserve, and help you communicate the extent of your injuries in your civil claim.

Potential Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Since motorcycles are lighter, smaller, and less visible than standard cars, many different things could lead to an unexpected collision. Driver negligence is the largest general cause, with many more specific factors falling under this umbrella. Common examples of reckless behavior that lead to collisions between motorbikes and cars include:

  • Following a motorcycle too closely
  • Driving while texting or engaging in distracting activities
  • Forgetting to check a blind spot before changing lanes
  • Broken traffic signals or hazards on a road
  • Defective brakes, wheels, or motorbike components

Any of these distractions, hazards or dangers could alter a motorcyclist’s life in the course of a second. After a crash, determining exactly what happened is one of the most crucial parts of the claims process. A hardworking attorney in Schertz can analyze all the available evidence to make sure that the cause of the motorcycle accident does not go undiscovered.

What Injuries Might a Motorcyclist Experience?

Unfortunately, in most cases, the injuries that motorcycle riders suffer in accidents are more severe than those associated with standard vehicle wrecks. Even when wearing a helmet, a motorcyclist is simply more vulnerable due to a distinct lack of protection. This results in crashes that leave riders with expensive medical bills and potentially years of physical therapy.

To be more specific – common injuries associated with motorcycle accidents include but are not limited to:

  • Road rash or skin lacerations
  • Broken bones or crushed limbs
  • Spinal cord damage or whiplash
  • Partial or full paralysis
  • Concussions or traumatic brain damage
  • Wrongful death

After a crash, a detail-oriented lawyer in Schertz can compile medical records to ensure that all a plaintiff’s injuries get factored into their motorcycle accident claim.

Collecting Compensation in Motorcycle Accident Cases

When a motorcyclist can prove that the defendant’s negligent conduct directly caused the accident in question, they can fight for the compensation they deserve. In most properly filed claims, an injured rider can collect both economic and non-economic damages. Economic compensation repays a claimant for losses with an established financial value, like medical expenses, vehicle repair invoices, or lost wages. Texas Statutes § 41.001 explains these repayments in detail.

Meanwhile, non-economic damages typically offer reimbursement for more subjective setbacks, such as physical pain, emotional suffering, disfigurement, and loss of consortium. These repayments are typically left to the discretion of a judge or jury, but a tenacious attorney in Schertz can fight to maximize the compensation that their motorcycle accident plaintiff collects.

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There is no doubt that motorcycle accidents are very serious. Any crash, regardless of how serious it initially seems, can cause catastrophic damage to your body, your finances, and your future. If another person’s recklessness or carelessness caused the crash, you can usually work with a legal representative to hold them accountable.

To get started on your civil claim for financial compensation, contact an experienced Schertz motorcycle accident lawyer today. Our office is ready offer personalized guidance.

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