Schertz Bus Accident Lawyer

While buses can be convenient and affordable forms of transportation, they are not without danger. All drivers on local roads and in the surrounding areas have a duty under the law to protect both passengers and other drivers, but this does not always happen. When a bus driver operates their vehicle negligently, they might cause a crash that leaves multiple people severely injured. Fortunately, if this does happen, anyone harmed can usually work with a skilled personal injury attorney to hold either the driver or the relevant employer liable.

A Schertz bus accident lawyer wants to help you to prove your case against a negligent transport company. Our legal team members can demonstrate that the driver definitely caused the wreck, tie your losses to the incident, and determine whether your case might involve multiple defendants. You deserve compensation, and our representatives are here to help.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents

When a bus driver gets behind the wheel, they need to drive extremely carefully and avoid any potential dangers. Unfortunately, since buses are large, heavy, and hard to control, there are many different things that could cause a crash. Common examples of factors that might result in a bus collision include but are not limited to:

  • Distracted driving or texting behind the wheel
  • Road rage or aggressive driving
  • Speeding
  • Other vehicles failing to respect a bus’s right of way
  • A bus driver changing lanes without checking blind spots
  • Defective brakes or parts on a bus
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol

Any of these causes deserves investigation because they could all leave innocent people severely injured. Thankfully, a detail-oriented attorney in Schertz can thoroughly look into the cause of bus accident to make sure that no valuable piece of evidence gets overlooked.

When Might Multiple Defendants Need to Assume Liability for a Bus Crash?

In almost all cases, a bus driver will need to assume personal liability for a wreck and the consequences of their own actions. However, depending on the case, multiple parties might become involved. For instance, nearly every bus driver is employed by either a municipal body or a private company. Due to a law known as respondeat superior, a dedicated attorney could fight to hold the employer accountable as well. This is a crucial part of a case because it likely results in additional compensation.

Filing the Case on Time

Holding multiple defendants responsible is only an option when a plaintiff and their legal advocate adheres to the statute of limitations, established in Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 16.003. Under this framework, anyone injured in a bus accident needs to file their claim within two years of the accident. Failing to do so will likely prohibit an injured person from collecting financial compensation. It can be frustrating to think about the statute of limitations when recovering from a frightening bus accident, but a proactive Schertz lawyer can take the lead and respect this important time limit.

Reach Out to a Schertz Bus Accident Attorney Immediately

If you were hurt in a bus collision while commuting to work or for travel, you might be feeling traumatized and confused about what to do next. However, you should always remember that, in most circumstances, you can hold the bus driver and potentially other entities responsible for their careless or reckless conduct. In a properly filed claim, you might be entitled to substantial compensation that helps you move forward from the unexpected wreck. Contact a Schertz bus accident lawyer today to get started.

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