Dump Truck Accidents in San Antonio

Dump trucks are important commercial vehicles that help us complete necessary construction projects. In the San Antonio area, they frequently operate at quarries, construction sites, sandpits, and landscaping operations. Despite the numerous regulations that govern their use, the weight and bulkiness of these vehicles can result in unique accidents or severe injuries.

If you were visiting a construction site or driving next to a dump truck and were injured by the operator’s negligent conduct, you might be entitled to financial compensation. An experienced truck wreck attorney could explain the unique aspects of dump truck accidents in San Antonio and help you hold the careless person responsible for their actions.

Common Causes of Dump Truck Accidents

Since these vehicles are bulky and carry hazardous cargo, unexpected accidents could occur in many ways. Therefore, Sant Antonio residents should always exercise caution when near one of these vehicles. Typical causes of dump truck incidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Failing to inspect parts
  • Debris falling out the back of a truck
  • Driver fatigue
  • Poor visibility when backing up
  • People or vehicles navigating in the vehicle’s side blind spot
  • Standard automobiles colliding with a dump truck that is merging onto the highway or changing lanes
  • A dump truck failing to yield at an intersection properly

All of these accidents are similar in the way that they can cause severe injuries for anyone involved. If someone is wounded by one of these commercial vehicles, a dedicated attorney in San Antonio can help pinpoint the exact cause of the dump truck accident.

Injuries Caused by Dump Truck Accidents

Since both a dump truck and its cargo are extremely heavy, any incident is almost guaranteed to cause critical injury. For instance, head, neck, and back injuries are typical if debris falling from a dump truck strikes someone. Individuals might also suffer brain damage, a fractured spine, or a herniated disk.

If someone driving a passenger car in San Antonio collides with a dump truck, they might experience impact wounds or injuries caused by a rapidly inflating airbag. Broken bones and internal organ damage also occur in these situations. Any dump truck crash-related injury might require expensive medical treatment, so the survivor of an incident should seek healthcare quickly. A compassionate legal representative in San Antonio can work hard to communicate the full extent of a plaintiff’s injuries after a severe dump truck accident.

Collecting Damages After a Dump Truck Accident

Since dump trucks are niche commercial vehicles, they often feature specific insurance policies that influence the damages a plaintiff can collect. After a dump truck incident in San Antonio, a detail-oriented attorney can help conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that the vehicle operator is held accountable for their conduct.

Damages in these cases generally aim to provide reimbursement for the grave physical injuries suffered by survivors. Compensation can cover medical expenses, lost wages, and reduced physical ability. For instance, if a person’s arm is crushed by a rock that falls off a dump truck, they might recover damages that reimburse them for the unfortunate loss of the arm’s function.

Damages can also include repayment for non-economic setbacks like mental anguish or post-traumatic stress disorder. A well-practiced lawyer in the area could help a plaintiff factor these more subjective aspects into their dump truck accident claim.

Seek an Attorney in San Antonio for Help with Dump Truck Accidents

If you were involved in a dump truck accident in San Antonio, you might need to take extra care to protect your rights. Crashes involving these vehicles create unique circumstances due to the bulk of the truck and the cargo, but a knowledgeable lawyer who has experience handling these cases can fight for you. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation.

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