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When a driver approaches an intersection, whether it is regulated by traffic lights or stop signs, or trying to merge into a lane, they are to give the right of way to the vehicle who arrived at the point of contention first. This act is called yielding, and when a driver decides not to yield to someone who has the right of way, they would be failing to yield. Victims injured in an accident caused by a driver failing to yield to their right of way could hold the responsible party liable for damages sustained as a result of the accident.

If you wish to take legal action through an injury claim for damages, get in touch with a San Antonio failure to yield accident lawyer. A skilled car accident attorney could take charge of your claim to help you obtain compensation following an accident.

Identifying Fault in Failure to Yield Cases

Identifying fault in failure to yield cases is difficult. In these situations, there is often a lot of discourse between the parties involved regarding who is at-fault. It is best to collect as much evidence as so that there is little room for argument about liability. One way an attorney could do this is by speaking with any nearby witnesses. If a neutral party steps in and gives their own version of events, it could prove to be beneficial in favor of the injured party if a witness rids them of any culpability.

Common Fact Patterns Regarding Yield Accidents

Failure to yield accidents tend to happen in intersections where a person’s right of way is often contested. An example of this situation would include situations where the intersection is regulated by traffic lights with one driver turning right while the light is green. In these types of cases, the pedestrian crossing the road where the vehicle is turning right will probably have the right of way. If a driver does not give the pedestrian the right of way, the driver could be held liable for damages if an accident is the end result.

These accidents are also seen in stop sign intersections. In these instances, the right of way is determined by who arrived at the intersection first. However, drivers can arrive at an intersection at the same time. If this happens, and neither vehicle fails to yield or act with due care, the injured party could hold the opposing party liable for damages.

Types of Evidence that Could Solidify a Claim for Damages

Any type of evidence that would minimize the defense’s ability to deflect responsibility would prove to be valuable in a failure to yield accident claim. Examples of evidence that would bolster the validity of an injured party’s claim include:

  • Videos/photographs of the scene of the accident
  • Eye-witness accounts
  • Police reports
  • The testimony of an accident reconstructionist

An accident reconstructionist is a specific type of expert capable of recreating the scene of the accident. This type of expert can visit the site of a crash and provide their opinion regarding the cause of the accident and how the scene of the accident explains the events that led to the collision.

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Filing a claim following a failure to yield accident is difficult to do, considering the challenges that come with proving liability against the responsible party. However, with the help of a San Antonio failure to yield accident lawyer, you may be able to do just that and recover the monetary damages owed to you.

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