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Head-on or front-end collisions are extremely dangerous. Those who have been injured in a head-on collision often face catastrophic injuries such as severe head trauma, spinal damage, paralysis and devastating burns. The person who caused the collision should be held liable for any injuries and damages. Let a San Antonio head-on collision lawyer help. Speak to a seasoned car accident attorney to learn about your eligibility for compensation and how you can hold the reckless driver accountable for your damages.

How Severe is a Head-On Crash?

What makes front-end collisions so severe is just the severity of the impact. This is because there are two vehicles traveling opposite each other and the speed of two cars crashing into each other makes the accident that much more severe.

When head-on collisions occur, there is going to be airbag deployment. So there are going to be severe facial injuries such as trauma to the head, face, and neck because of the airbag deploying. Some airbags deploy aggressively and cause severe injuries even though they may save a person’s life.

Common Causes Of a Front-End Crash

There are many reasons why a head-on car crash can occur. The most common include:

Most collisions happen late at night or in the early hours of the morning. Often, there are instances where the driver does not realize that they are coming onto the highway or freeway the wrong way. They may come onto the freeway up an exit lane going the wrong way.

After seeking medical assistance, it is best to speak to a nearby head-on collision attorney to determine the next steps.

How Is Fault Assigned By Insurance Companies And Traffic Law?

If a driver veers into someone’s lane for no reason at all, they can be readily identified and they could be held liable for damages. For the most part, unless there was some emergency reason or some reason why they veered into the lane, then the insurance company will assign 100 percent of the fault against the driver of the vehicle veered into someone else’s lane.

However, there are many situations when a driver veers into a lane and the other driver will try to make an evasive maneuver to get out of the way. In this situation,  when the drivers make evasive maneuvers to avoid a collision they may veer into the wrong lane and end up crashing either in the middle of the lane or the middle of both lanes.

Can an Accident Reconstructionist Expert Help Determine Fault?

It can sometimes be difficult to determine fault. An accident reconstructionist expert can determine the movement of the vehicles to help establish liability. Without an accident reconstruction, it can be challenging, even for the insurance company adjuster, to assign fault. This is why it is best to seek assistance from a qualified front-end collision attorney who can do all the investigating and present the evidence in court as well as to the insurance company.

Seek Experienced Help From a San Antonio Head-On Collision Attorney

If your or a loved one were severely injured in a front-end car crash, you do not need to handle your case alone. An experienced San Antonio head-on collision attorney can help. A skilled lawyer can investigate the exact cause of your accident, help establish liability, and fight to help you get the compensation you need. Call today to get started on your case.

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