Rollover Truck Accidents in San Antonio

The substantial size and weight of trucks makes them much more difficult to drive than normal cars. Unfortunately, tractor trailers crash regularly, and these accidents can cause severe injuries. Rollover accidents, which occur when both the truck’s cab and trailer flip over, are particularly dangerous.

If you were injured after a commercial vehicle flipped, you should speak with an experienced truck accident attorney. If the tractor trailer driver caused the crash, you might be entitled to financial compensation. A tenacious lawyer can investigate the collision and answer any questions about rollover truck accidents in San Antonio.

Causes of Rollover Truck Accidents

A truck could flip unexpectedly anywhere, but there are some notable patterns related to these collisions.

Many rollover accidents happen when a truck navigates a complex roadway with many twists and turns. On these kinds of roads, tractor trailer drivers usually have trouble turning quickly, slowing down, stopping, or reacting to sudden hazards. Therefore, many dangers on a winding road could cause a truck to flip over.

Meanwhile, in some instances, a strong gust of wind might hit a commercial vehicle in the side and cause the driver to flip the trailer. In other situations, poorly secured cargo might shift in the cabin and cause the truck to flip.

Once a truck rolls over, it typically blocks multiple lanes of traffic. Numerous cars could crash into the stationary trailer and the collision would become a multiple-vehicle incident. Fortunately, a diligent attorney in San Antonio who has experience dealing with truck accident claims can help a plaintiff determine the cause of the rollover crash.

How to Avoid or Handle a Rollover Truck Crash

Fortunately, drivers can act to avoid rollover truck collisions. For example, motorists can drive defensively and constantly look out for commercial vehicles. Drivers can also inspect the road for tight curves and distance themselves from a truck that is rounding a corner. Additionally, motorists should avoid driving directly behind or next to a truck, especially when roads are icy, wet, or unpredictable.

If a driver does crash into a flipped tractor trailer, they should seek medical attention immediately. Afterward, they can request that law enforcement visit the scene to begin a report. A plaintiff can also take photos of the vehicles involved in the rollover crash, look for skid marks on the road that might help reconstruct the accident, or obtain the contact information of any nearby witnesses.

A claimant injured in a rollover truck accident should also retain a hard-working attorney in San Antonio who can help them get started on a case.

How Can an Attorney Help after a Rollover Collision?

Detail-oriented legal representation can help an injured plaintiff by collecting valuable evidence about the crash. For example, an attorney can begin by hiring an accident reconstruction expert who could photograph any information that might help.

Afterward, a meticulous lawyer can help inspect the flipped truck, download black box data from the engine, obtain available GPS information, and examine dashcam footage to pinpoint the cause of the rollover.

Finally, a seasoned attorney in San Antonio can help a plaintiff injured in a rollover truck accident overcome any complications that arise while filing a claim.

Consult an Attorney in San Antonio about Rollover Truck Accidents

Since a flipped truck could cause severe injuries to other drivers, a wounded plaintiff might face significant expenses or emotional trauma after being involved in rollover accident.

If you crashed into a flipped tractor-trailer, a compassionate lawyer can analyze the situation to determine whether you have legal options. Rollover truck accidents in San Antonio often entitle survivors to financial compensation, and a savvy attorney can help protect your rights as a careful driver. Reach out today to learn more.

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