San Antonio Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

Blind spot truck crashes often occur in San Antonio. Most common locations that we typically see for blind spot truck accidents in San Antonio is on the major highways such as Interstate-35, Interstate-10, Interstate-37, Highway 281, Loop 4-10, and Loop 16-04.

These types of collisions are extremely dangerous. Blind spot accidents happen with trucks when vehicles are directly to the front, directly to the rear, to the left side or to the right side of the truck. If a vehicle is in a trucker’s blind spot, it can cause a passenger car to lose control, hit guard rails or concrete barriers and cause significant damage. Following a severe tractor-trailer collision, you should reach out to a San Antonio blind spot truck accident lawyer. A dedicated truck crash lawyer can help you seek compensation for all of your damages, such as medical expenses, lost wages, mental anguish, and pain and suffering.

How Do Blind Spot Accidents Occur?

Due to the size of the trucks, they have very large blind spots. There are four blind spot areas for truck drivers, and they are directly to the rear of the truck or trailer, directly to the front of the truck, and then the left side and the right side. As a general rule, if a driver cannot see the trucker’s reflection in the truck side mirror, then they are probably in the blind spot.

Determining Fault For a Crash

In most blind spots accidents, liability for a crash mostly falls on the truck driver. This is because while they may have warning placards on their truck about blind spots, it is really the duty of the driver to make sure there are no vehicles in their blind spots before they make a lane change or come to a sudden stop.

Truck drivers are trained to constantly be on the lookout for cars if they are entering the blind spot areas. Drivers trained to make sure that the truck’s mirrors are properly adjusted. If a truck driver fails to check their blind spot, operates their vehicle while fatigued or under the influence, is distracted, inexperienced, or fails to properly maintain the truck, they could be held liable for all damages.

Can Negligence Be Attributed to the Injured Party in a Truck Accident Case?

If the injured claimant is found to be partly responsible for the crash, their compensation award will be reduced. The injured party can still recover damages as long as the percentage of liability is less than 50 percent. In the State of Texas, if the driver of the car is found to be more than 50 percent at fault, then they may be barred from recovering damages.

Common Types of Injuries

Those involved in a tractor-trailer collision often sustain significant injuries such as:

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If you have been injured in a collision involving a tractor-trailer crash, an experienced attorney could help your case. A knowledgeable San Antonio blind spot truck accident lawyer could investigate your crash, determine the cause of the accident, and collect evidence to prove the trucker’s negligence. Let a skilled attorney advocate on your behalf while you focus on your physical and emotional healing. Call today to discuss your case.

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