Jackknife Truck Accidents in San Antonio

Even though commercial trucks are crucial elements of our economy, their weight and size can put other motorists at risk. Commercial vehicles are difficult to stop, and multiple factors could cause a jackknife accident, which involve the trailer swinging around to create an angle.

A savvy tractor trailer crash lawyer can be a valuable asset if you were involved in a jackknife truck accident in San Antonio. A member of our legal team understands how scary these collisions are, and they can determine what went wrong to help you collect damages.

Jackknife Crashes and Their Causes

Jackknife wrecks happen when a truck’s trailer slides to the left or right and then folds in toward the cab. The truck might even break apart in these instances since the folding places unnecessary stress on the connecting components. When a truck begins to jackknife, it becomes nearly impossible to control. It might slide, flip, or collide with other vehicles on a highway.

A jackknife situation could happen because of a few different factors. The most common trigger is dysfunctional brakes. If brakes are poorly maintained, the cabin might slow down before the trailer and cause dangerous sliding.

Treacherous road conditions can also cause a truck to jackknife. Rain, snow, and ice are common inclement weather conditions that might lead to a dangerous collision. Oil on a highway or any other substance that would cause a trailer to lose traction could also cause the trailer to slide to either side of the cab. Even something like a tight curve could cause a trailer to lose balance and jackknife.

Determining exactly what caused a jackknife truck collision is a crucial a part of the claims process and an investigative attorney could help assess a crash in San Antonio.

Preventing Jackknife Wrecks in San Antonio

There are many safeguards that truck drivers in San Antonio can enact to avoid jackknife accidents. Some examples of common precautionary actions include, but are not limited to:

  • Detailed brake maintenance
  • Checking tire tread regularly
  • Navigating tight curves carefully and slowly
  • Avoiding inclement weather situations
  • Only driving while well-rested
  • Maintaining a safe following distance

Failure to take any of these measures could have disastrous consequences for a truck driver or nearby motorist. A detail-oriented legal representative can help a plaintiff prove that one of these negligent actions contributed to a severe truck accident.

What to Do After a Jackknife Collision

In any commercial vehicle accident situation, the first thing an injured person should do is seek medical attention. After a healthcare professional assesses their injuries, a person should compile evidence if they are able to. Potential claimants should photograph the scene, search for skid or gouge marks, and speak with any available witnesses. An attorney could help an injured person send out a preservation of evidence letter to the trucking company to make sure that any maintenance records on the truck are saved.

An attorney in San Antonio may also help by obtaining a qualified expert to inspect the truck to determine if there was an issue with the braking system that caused the jackknife accident. A legal representative can also analyze any relevant GPS data or dashcam videos. They can exhaust all their options to help a plaintiff construct a persuasive case.

Enlist an Attorney for Help with Jackknife Truck Accidents in San Antonio

While not as common as standard car or eighteen-wheeler collisions, jackknife truck incidents are equally perilous and deserve the attention of a seasoned lawyer. If you harmed by a sliding commercial vehicle, you should seek legal counsel for assistance with your jackknife truck accident in San Antonio. Our legal advocates can assess a case thoroughly, determine whether negligence was involved, and help you maximize your financial damages. Call today to get started on your claim.

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