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While important to our society and economy, trucks are heavy commercial vehicles that can cause substantial damage to any car they collide with. Side-impact accidents, also known as T-bone collisions, occur when the full force of a commercial vehicle crashes into the side of a passenger car. Injuries associated with side-impact accidents are generally severe, but monetary damages can provide reimbursement for both physical and emotional suffering.

If you were injured in a T-bone crash, you should seek the assistance of a seasoned truck collision attorney. If the crash was caused by the negligence of the commercial vehicle driver, a San Antonio side-impact truck accident lawyer can analyze the strength of your case, fight to protect your rights, and earn you compensation.

Common Causes of Side-Impact Truck Accidents

A variety of circumstances might cause a dangerous side-impact truck collision. In most cases, T-bone crashes are caused by a commercial vehicle driver:

If any of these dangerous situations caused a side-impact truck collision, a skilled attorney in San Antonio can analyze the crash scene to collect evidence that would bolster a claim.

Typical Injuries Associated with T-Bone Collisions with a Truck

A tractor trailer’s speed and momentum could severely injure anyone who is struck by the vehicle. Common wounds associated with side-impact truck collisions include:

Any of these injuries would require expensive medical treatment or extended recovery periods. Fortunately, anyone who suffered in a T-bone collision might have options for recovering financial compensation. Damages in commercial vehicle crash cases aim to reimburse victims for economic expenses, physical impairment, and mental anguish. A tenacious attorney in San Antonio can help anyone involved in a side-impact truck accident communicate the scope of their injuries and pursue compensation for their setbacks.

What to Do after a Side-Impact Crash with a Commercial Vehicle

The first thing that anyone should do after being involved in a side-impact truck accident is seek medical attention. Afterward, a plaintiff could start assembling a case by obtaining the contact information of both the truck driver and the commercial vehicle corporation. A claimant should also collect the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any relevant witnesses.

Then, a plaintiff could take photos of the accident, assess the damage to their car, identify skid marks, or look for debris from the crash. Compiling this information could bolster the strength of a plaintiff’s T-bone collision claim.

Acting quickly after an accident is important because truck companies will usually send out a “rapid response team” to plan a defense strategy and minimize the repercussions of the accident.

If an injured person needs assistance documenting the aftermath of an accident, a diligent attorney in San Antonio can analyze every aspect of the side impact truck crash.

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Because of the severity of T-bone crashes, a plaintiff should take these cases extremely seriously. Claimants might be entitled to financial compensation, but time is of the essence because a trucking corporation might attempt to limit an injured person’s legal options.

If you T-boned by a tractor trailer, you could benefit from seeking experienced legal counsel. A San Antonio side-impact truck accident lawyer can collect valuable evidence about the crash, fight back against a defendant’s tactics, and help assemble a compelling lawsuit. Reach out to the office today to get started on your case.

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