Killeen Wrongful Death Lawyer

Unfortunately, it is often common for a person’s wrongful death to result from the negligent or reckless behavior of another person, company, or organization. No measure of preparedness can adequately prepare an individual for the untimely death of a loved one. Apart from the heavy emotional weight of the loved one’s death, an individual may face financial and legal burdens following the incident.

If you believe the negligence of another party caused your loved one’s death, you may need to consult with a local personal injury attorney as soon as possible. An experienced Killeen wrongful death lawyer can investigate and gather all information including reports such as medical records and police reports.

Purpose of Wrongful Death Claims

A wrongful death claim seeks monetary compensation from a party or parties found to have caused the victim’s death. These lawsuits help to ease the financial burdens of a victim’s loved ones.

It would be unjustly unfair for a victim’s loved ones to have to bear the financial burden of a loved one killed because of another person’s negligent behavior. Some examples of wrongful death claims include car accidents resulting in death, on the job injuries resulting in death, and large truck vehicle collisions resulting in death.

An at-fault party could potentially face both criminal and civil charges. A competent Killeen wrongful death attorney can advise a victim’s loved ones of their legal rights and legal options.

Types of Damages Available

Proving damages is critical in a wrongful death case. Monetary compensation can assist a loved one with current and future expenses. Several types of damages are recoverable in a Killeen wrongful death claim such as:

  • Pecuniary losses including the loss of support, prospective inheritance, and household services, as well as medical and funeral costs
  • Loss of companionship and society such as the loss of emotional intimacy and assistance with household duties
  • Mental anguish such as emotional pain and torment

A jury may consider several factors to calculate damages, such as the living arrangements, quality of the relationship, and shared interests between the decedent and the loved one. A prudent Killeen wrongful death accident attorney can establish the fair value of a loved one’s case.

How Wrongful Death Claims Work

Although not required, a loved one can consult with a qualified Killeen wrongful death accident lawyer to file the necessary paperwork for a wrongful death claim. Additionally, an attorney can gather evidence and prepare a compelling case for court.

During this process, the opposing side may present settlement offers to a plaintiff. These offers may be inadequate to cover a loved one’s losses. Throughout the negotiations, an attorney can help a plaintiff decide whether a settlement offer is in the plaintiff’s best interest.

If both parties can settle outside of court, litigation will end once the settlement agreement is signed. On the other hand, a plaintiff may go through several stages of litigation ending in a trial including discovery, depositions, filing of motions and hearings on motions, if the parties do not settle out of court.

How a Killeen Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help

Preparing a wrongful death claim or lawsuit can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing, especially without the proper training and experience. An injured person or surviving loved one should be careful to not risk overlooking evidence or missing some case requirement in the filing or work up process.

A knowledgeable Killeen wrongful death lawyer can assist an injured party to recover the final compensation they deserve after a loved one’s preventable death. Contact our firm today to speak with one of our attorneys about your legal options.

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