Killeen Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs can help treat your ailments and make your life healthier. Unfortunately, sometimes unscrupulous manufacturers focused solely on profit place drugs in the stream of commerce that can cause harm to consumers. If you or a loved one been injured due to prescribed medication, a Killeen dangerous drugs lawyer can fight to get you financial compensation from the pharmaceutical company. A skilled personal injury attorney in your neighborhood can investigate the cause of your injuries and hold the negligent party accountable for your damages.

Killeen Consumers Rely on Safe Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical companies develop, test, and manufacture medicines with oversight by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Pharmaceutical companies task their scientists with developing promising drugs to successfully treat many of the conditions humans develop, such as high cholesterol, diabetes, depression, excessive pain, and stomach maladies. After the drugs are tested, the FDA reviews the results of clinical trials to determine if the product is safe for consumers.

After release into the marketplace, the FDA continues to monitor medications for side effects and mortality rates to ensure the harm a particular drug may cause is outweighed by its benefits in treating the disease for which it was intended. The FDA also oversees drug labeling, so consumers are aware of any known hazards or side effects. A Killeen personal injury attorney with knowledge of dangerous drugs can research the history of a drug’s FDA approval in anticipation of a lawsuit for negligence.

FDA Drug Monitoring

The FDA’s role does not cease after a drug is approved. Continued monitoring includes:

  • Compiling and assessing complaints from patients who suffer side effects attributed to a drug
  • Compiling death statistics related to the drug to determine if the benefits outweigh the risk of death
  • Amending warning labels as additional information becomes available
  • Receiving and processing information about further drug studies
  • Determining if the drug is being used for other than its intended purpose
  • Keeping track of the drug company’s use of advertising targeting consumers instead of physicians

Physicians can also be liable for damage done to patients if they prescribe dangerous drugs but ignore the warnings. A recent example of this phenomena is the opioid crisis, in which thousands of patients became addicted and overdosed on the pain killers. Pharmacists can also be held liable for filling prescriptions for dangerous drugs.

Under Sec. 483.021 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, pharmacists must use their professional judgment to determine if a prescription is valid before dispensing hazardous drugs. An experienced Killeen dangerous drugs attorney can review the circumstances of a client’s injury from negligently prescribed pharmaceuticals to determine if a physician or pharmacist should be named as a defendant in a lawsuit for financial compensation.

Statute of Limitations to File a Claim

The Statute of Limitations for a personal injury claim concerning the manufacturing, marketing, or prescribing of dangerous drugs is generally two years from the date the patient suffers an injury.

A Killeen Dangerous Drugs Lawyer Can Help

Killeen residents are living longer, more productive lives because of the miracles of modern medicine. But sometimes, that medicine is more harmful than helpful. If you suffered devastating side effects after taking medication, a Killeen dangerous drugs lawyer can help you fight for financial compensation from the drug company, prescribing physician, or pharmacist. Call today to schedule your free consultation.

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