Killeen Dog Bite Lawyer

Regardless of size, breed, or age, a dog can inflict serious injuries when they attack a person. In many cases, a dog owner’s negligence contributed to the dog attack. A victim should not have to pay for the consequences a preventable dog attack caused them.

If you have been harmed in a dog bite attack, you might need to speak with a local personal injury attorney right away. An experienced Killeen dog bite lawyer can gather evidence about the dog and pet owner to help you recover damages.

Dangerous Canine Laws

In some dog bite cases, an owner is liable because they violated the “dangerous dog” law or a local ordinance. Under Texas Health and Safety Code §822.041, a dangerous dog is a dog that makes an unprovoked attack that results in bodily injury or death or commits unprovoked acts while outside of its enclosure that a person could reasonably believe will result in an attack and bodily harm.

A local animal control authority or court can determine whether a dog is dangerous or not. A dog owner must register and restrain their dog at all times within 30 days of learning that their dog is dangerous. Additionally, a dog owner must comply with any local regulations and show financial responsibility of at least $100,000 to cover any damages from a dog attack.

The dog owner of a dangerous dog must comply with all legal requirements or risk a Class C misdemeanor or felony conviction for their unprovoked attack. A competent Killeen dog attack lawyer can conduct a private investigation of a dog owner and establish liability for the dog bite.

Dog Owner Negligence

A dog bite victim can file a claim on the grounds of negligence, or the failure of ordinary care, against a dog owner. In some cases, someone other than a dog owner could be held liable. For instance, a landlord that allows aggressive strays to roam their property could face liability if one of the dogs attacks a tenant.

An injured party will need to prove that the potential defendant owns the dog to recover compensation, which is generally simple to establish. Additionally, an injured party must prove the dog owner owed a duty to prevent the dog from attacking another person, and that their failure to fulfill this duty was the cause of his or her injury.

One benefit of claiming negligence is not having to prove that the dog bit someone else previously. A qualified Killeen dog attack attorney can help confirm who is at fault in the investigation and prosecution of a case.

Statute of Limitations

Essentially, a statute of limitations is a deadline to file a lawsuit in Killeen. In most cases, injured parties have two years to initiate their claim or risk losing their right to compensation indefinitely.

A skilled Killeen dog bite attorney can determine if any exceptions to the statute of limitations apply to a victim’s case. In any case, an injured party should speak to an attorney before providing any insurance company statements. 

How a Killeen Dog Bite Attorney Can Help

Members of the Killeen community have a reasonable expectation that a dog should not attack them. Additionally, a dog owner has the responsibility to ensure that their dog will not injure someone. Nonetheless, many people are harmed every year by a sudden dog attack.

Hiring a seasoned Killeen dog bite lawyer can help you obtain the highest value for your case. Schedule a consultation today with one of our compassionate attorneys to discuss potential next steps to move forward with your life.

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