Killeen Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction is a wide-reaching industry in the State of Texas, and much of the work that employees in this field provide is crucial to the state’s infrastructure and economic prosperity. Additionally, it can also be an uncommonly dangerous line of work, and injuries sustained through accidents on construction sites often have serious—and potentially fatal—consequences.

Depending on the circumstances under which you were injured and who you were employed by, there may be different ways in which a personal injury attorney in your community can help you seek restitution for job-related injuries and losses. A conversation with a Killeen construction accident lawyer can clarify the options available to you in your situation and set you on the right path towards financial recovery.

Filing a Third-Party Lawsuit for a Construction Accident

In many states, workers who are injured while on the job are almost always eligible to seek recovery through a system known as workers’ compensation. When available, this type of insurance provides employees with an easier means of recovering for accident-related expenses while also protecting employees from prolonged civil litigation.

However, while the Workers’ Compensation Act does establish such a system in Killeen, Texas is somewhat unique in that it does not compel employers to “subscribe” to workers’ compensation insurance. If an accident on a construction site stems from the negligence of a third party, or if a construction worker’s employer does not subscribe to workers’ compensation insurance, a third-party lawsuit may be the only means of recovering financially for their injuries and losses.

Unlike workers’ comp claims, which operate under a “no-fault” system, injured construction workers pursuing third-party claims must specifically prove negligence by the defendant in their case in order to recover compensation. Assistance from a Killeen construction accident attorney is often crucial to effectively gathering evidence of negligence and proving civil liability.

Potentially Recoverable Damages

Fortunately, while obtaining a favorable verdict in a civil lawsuit can be trickier than recovering benefits through workers’ comp, a successful case could also result in significantly greater compensation for a wider variety of damages. In addition to economic damages such as medical expenses and lost income, a knowledgeable construction accident lawyer in Killeen may also be able to pursue restitution for non-economic damages like loss of consortium, effects of a permanent disability, and general pain and suffering through a third-party claim.

However, since this kind of claim falls within the purview of personal injury law, the typical statute of limitations for civil lawsuits in Texas applies. If an injured construction worker intends to file a third-party lawsuit for an accident on a Killeen worksite, they usually must do so within two years of when the accident occurred, as per Texas Civil Practices & Remedies Code §16.003.

Discuss Legal Options with a Killeen Construction Accident Attorney

Working on a construction site can often be an inherently dangerous proposition, but that does not mean you cannot still seek recovery for injuries and losses you sustain while on the job. The specific method you must use to seek compensation for job-related damages can change depending on the circumstances of both your accident and your employment in general.

No matter what kind of case you need to pursue, a qualified Killeen construction accident lawyer can help you every step of the way through it. To set up a consultation and talk in detail about your claim, get in touch with a seasoned attorney today.

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