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When you suffer injuries while working on a demolition project on a construction site and your employer does not offer workers’ compensation, you have options. You have the legal right to pursue compensation through civil court. A claim for damages could cover your medical care, lost pay and benefits, and other expenses while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

Depending on the severity of your injuries, the court could also award noneconomic damages for your pain and suffering. Schedule to meet with an experienced Killeen demolition accident lawyer if you have questions or want to learn more. A skilled construction site accident attorney is ready to work on your claim for compensation.

Some of the Most Common Causes of Demolition Accidents

Controlled demolition is a standard construction site technique to clear structures and buildings for new construction. The practice presents many risks for workers, and they often sustain injuries because of the following:

Falling Debris

Falling objects are a significant cause of construction worker injuries with devastating consequences. The debris may fall and cause injuries during explosions or because the building is in poor condition.

Improper Use of Explosives

Every construction worker risks suffering injuries during demolition projects while using explosives. They must understand the hazards and potential for premature detonation and poor placement of explosives.

Chemical Exposure

Many demolition projects involve the use of harsh chemicals, such as asbestos and other toxic material. Exposure to the chemicals can cause severe respiratory illness and cancer, especially when the building is older. An employer must understand the potential for exposure to toxic particles and how to avoid them.

A lawyer in Killeen can examine a demolition accident case to establish the cause of an injury.

Determining Liability After a Demolition Accident

Determining liability after a demolition accident can be challenging in most cases. There could be one at-fault party or several defendants listed in the lawsuit. The liable party in a demolition incident civil claim could include the following:

  • Construction site owner
  • Heavy machinery manufacturers
  • General contractor
  • Architects and engineers

A Killeen attorney can review the demolition accident details and gather the evidence to provide liability.

Demolition Safety Standards and Accident Prevention

Demolition involves dismantling and destroying buildings and structures and often includes using dangerous explosives and heavy equipment and machinery. According to the guidance provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, demolition work involves many hazards, and companies must take steps to avoid avoidable accidents. Some of the steps to take include the following:

  • Pre-planning for job safety
  • Provide safety and protection equipment for workers to wear at all times
  • Extensive and ongoing safety training
  • Understanding and avoidance of hazards caused by cave-ins, explosions, fire, and collapses

Construction companies must use safety reports to identify potential risks, safety practices, and equipment to avoid harm. A demolition accident lawyer in Killeen can investigate to determine if company owners followed safety rules and regulations at the time of the incident.

Call a Practiced Killeen Demolition Accident Attorney

An injury during the demolition of a building can leave you with severe and catastrophic injuries. Therefore, construction companies must protect their workers from unnecessary risks and harm.

Many companies do not offer their employees workers’ compensation benefits. When you suffer bodily injuries and other losses on a demolition site, you have the right to file a legal action in civil court to recover your losses. Schedule an appointment with a dedicated Killeen demolition accident lawyer for help with your case.

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