Killeen Building Collapse Lawyer

Building collapses can leave the occupants and people in the immediate area with severe and life-threatening or fatal injuries. The collapses can occur for many reasons but almost always involve negligence.

Whether it was during the design, construction, or upkeep, when people suffer injuries in collapses, they have the right to hold the negligent party financially accountable with the help of a construction accident attorney. Call a hard-working Killeen building collapse lawyer to learn more.

The Most Common Reasons Buildings Collapse

Building collapses are devastating and often leave workers with life-threatening or fatal injuries. Buildings may partially or fully collapse for many reasons, and some of the most common include the following:

  • Poor quality materials
  • Weak foundations
  • Structural integrity flaws
  • Soil liquefaction
  • Lack of maintenance or upkeep
  • Construction or design errors, including a failure to follow applicable building codes

A Killeen lawyer can investigate to find the cause of a building collapse and gather the evidence to prove liability.

Determining the Liable Party in Building Collapse Cases

A thorough investigation and evidence review is crucial for recovering damages after a collapse. Building collapses occur due to negligence, and determining who is responsible is essential for recovering damages. An attorney in Killeen can review a building collapse and determine who is to blame.

The Building Owners or Operator

Property owners, operators, and managers are legally responsible for the upkeep of the building to prevent accidents, including collapses. When buildings fall because they failed to maintain the property, the civil court could hold them financially liable.

The General Contractor

General contracts construct buildings from start to finish. When there are problems or mistakes during construction, it could cause faults, and the building has an increased risk of collapsing.

Engineers and Architects

When the building collapsed because of a defect in the design, the engineers and architects could be the at-fault party. When there is a flaw in the blueprint, the building is at risk of collapsing for many reasons, including a bad storm.

State Building Rules and Codes

The state and counties regulate the construction and upkeep of buildings to ensure they are safe for occupants. According to the Texas State Law Library, regulations make sure architects and building companies construct buildings using the latest scientific safety standards.

Building codes regulate best practices for electricity, plumbing, fire safety, and construction. There are safety codes and regulations involving the following:

  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Fire, gas and fuel, and electrical
  • Life safety
  • Mechanical safety standards
  • Plumbing

A lawyer in Killeen could investigate to determine if the building collapse occurred because of negligence and failure to comply with state safety standards. The civil court will hold them financially accountable when a building collapses because the site owner fails to comply with local building codes.

Call a Skilled Killeen Building Collapse Attorney

When a building’s walls or roof collapses, the disaster can leave you with severe and catastrophic injuries. When it occurs because of negligence, those who suffered injuries have the right to pursue legal action in civil court. Buildings of all kinds may collapse for many reasons, including low-quality material, faulty design, or environmental conditions.

However, most involve negligence. You could be eligible for compensation when you suffered damages and losses in a structure collapse. Call a seasoned Killeen building collapse lawyer to schedule a consultation when you need help recovering damages.

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