Killeen Paralysis Injury Lawyer

After any type of serious injury, it can be challenging to recuperate, but recovering from paralysis injuries can be particularly difficult. In addition to coping with new, sometimes permanent physical challenges, people who suffer from paralysis also often feel emotionally wrought and overwhelmed. All of the medical care, accommodations, and rehabilitation can also take a tremendous toll on a family’s finances.

If you believe that another person caused the accident that led to your injury, you should reach out to a skilled Killeen paralysis injury lawyer who will strive to get you the compensation that you need. Our team of dedicated catastrophic injury lawyers will meet with you to see if filing a personal injury lawsuit is a good option for your family.

What Exactly is a Paralysis Injury?

Paralysis occurs when someone loses muscle function or voluntary movement over one or more body parts. It occurs when an injury to the spinal cord or brain blocks the brain from sending messages to a person’s affected muscles through the nervous system. The severity of the paralysis, the length of time it lasts, and the paralysis location can vary depending on where the injury is on the spinal cord and the damage it inflicts upon the spinal cord.

Varying Degrees of Severity

Some paralyzing injuries leave people with no feeling in their muscles and no ability to control them. Other injuries leave people with pain or some feeling in their affected muscles, yet no ability to control or move them.

Varying Length of Time of Injury

Sometimes, paralysis can be permanent, which happens when the spinal cord is severed. Other paralysis injuries can resolve either on their own with time or with surgery and rehabilitation.

Location of the Paralysis

Sometimes, paralysis is localized and only affects a small, specific area of the body. At other times, paralysis can affect a person’s entire nervous and muscular systems. For example, when a person sustains a traumatic injury to the spinal column at their neck, they may suffer paralysis from their neck down.

Skilled Killeen paralysis attorneys understand how challenging a paralysis injury can be to a family. They would try to get a family the justice that they deserve.

There are Several Different Forms of Paralysis

Some of the forms of paralysis injuries are as follows:

  • Monoplegia: Paralysis in one region of the body, such as one limb, and it occurs when the part of the brain that controls that one limb has sustained damage. Cerebral palsy frequently causes monoplegia.
  • Diplegia: Symmetrical paralysis in the same region of the body on both sides, such as two legs or two arms.
  • Hemiplegia: paralysis on one entire side of the body, meaning an arm and a leg from the same side of the body. A stroke often results in hemiplegia.
  • Paraplegia: Paralysis in both legs and lower body.
  • Quadriplegia or Tetraplegia: Paralysis on the whole body from the neck down.

A seasoned paralysis injury attorney in Killeen can help injured victims understand the complexities of the different types of paralysis injuries and help them seek compensation from the responsible party.

Some of the More Frequent Causes of Paralysis in Killeen

Some paralysis comes from medical conditions, such as cerebral palsy, strokes, or degenerative diseases. At other times paralysis occurs from accidents that cause trauma to the brain, neck, or spinal cord, often caused by the following:

An experienced lawyer will look through all of the evidence and perform a thorough investigation of the accident to determine the cause and identify all parties who may bear legal responsibility.

Reach Out to a Killeen Paralysis Attorney

Facing a paralysis diagnosis does not mean that your life is at an end, but it does mean that you will have to perform some long-term planning. You may be facing a lengthy, painful, and costly rehabilitation. A financial settlement from the person who caused your injury could really help. Arrange a meeting with a Killeen paralysis injury lawyer today to see how they can help your case.

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