Killeen Premises Liability Lawyer

All property owners, managers, and landlords have a duty to tenants and visitors to maintain a safe environment. You should not have to worry about hurting yourself when you visit friends or commercial establishments. If you are hurt by a hazardous condition present on someone else’s property, you should contact a Killeen premises liability lawyer to discuss your situation and the possibility of recovering financial compensation for your troubles. A dedicated personal injury attorney in your community can help you get the compensation you need.

Common Premises Liability Claims in Killeen

Property owners have a duty to act or a duty to warn when dangerous conditions exist on their property. Some hazards are obvious, such as large spills at the grocery store or slick roads after a summer storm, but some are not so obvious, such as a gulley on an unattended property that becomes a drowning hazard during a flash flood. Some common accidents that could be the basis of a premises liability lawsuit include:

  • The most common premises liability accident is a slip and fall, which is often caused by toys left on stairs, carpet that is not nailed down correctly spills in grocery stores, uneven floors, and frozen walkways in public places
  • Swimming pool accidents, including drownings, which are likely to occur at a residence with no fence and gate to keep children out, or at a commercial pool with no lifeguards
  • Hotel accidents, for instance, a lack of security in a known dangerous setting
  • Vacation accidents at tourist destinations if signage or unrepaired dangers are a problem

A local premises liability attorney can review the facts of a case and help prove the injured person’s case.

Premises Liability vs. Negligence in Killeen Lawsuits

Although they are similar, a negligence action is based on someone else’s ongoing activity, which puts the plaintiff in harm’s way, causing injuries while the activity is going on. For instance, negligent drivers continue their reckless activity until they careen into someone else. Premises liability involves hazards on a property that pose an unreasonable risk but are not necessarily there because of a defendant’s act. Also, premises liability describes different duties of care depending on who is on the property. Visitors are broken down into categories, including an invitee, licensee, or trespasser. In a premises liability case, the plaintiff’s attorney must prove the defendant knows or should know of some dangerous condition on the premises, depending on the category of the person injured, and the defendant did not act as a reasonable person would to mitigate the harm, which caused injury to the plaintiff.

Duties Owed to Different Types of Visitors in Killeen

Property owners owe different duties of care to trespassers, invitees, and licensees. A Killeen premises liability lawyer can help determine a client’s status as a visitor in a premises liability case.

Invitees Enter Land for Mutual Benefit

Owners or property managers owe the highest duty of care to invitees, who are on the property for the benefit of both parties. Invitees include customers at retail stores, employees at a business, delivery drivers, or plumbers. Owners are obligated to fix unsafe conditions they know about or should know about. Additionally, property owners are required to warn visitors of all potential hazards.

Licensees Enter Land with Permission for Their Benefit

A landowner permits licensees to enter the land. They are on the premises for their own benefit, such as visiting friends or a door to door salesperson. Conditions posing unusual risks that the landowner knows about must be disclosed or repaired.

Trespassers Are Owed the Least Duty of Care

A trespasser does not have permission or the legal right to be on another’s property. A landowner’s obligation to trespassers is only to refrain from intentionally injuring them or injuring them through gross negligence.

What a Killeen Premises Liability Lawyer Can Do for You

Accidents happen every day on someone else’s property. If you visited a private residence or a commercial enterprise and were injured by an existing hazard, a Killeen premises liability lawyer can help your case. Call today to discuss your case.

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