Hutto Crane Accident Lawyer

Everyone should be able to go to work and pursue their career without worrying about getting hurt on the job. To protect employees, many companies purchase workers’ compensation insurance and provide it to their employees as a benefit. However, there is no requirement to do so under state law. Because of this, both your employer and other third parties may share liability following a workplace accident.

A Hutto crane accident lawyer may be able to help if you have not received full benefits following an injury involving these industrial machines. A dedicated construction accident attorney can assist you in understanding your rights, gathering evidence that bolsters your case, and pursuing a lawsuit that fills the gaps left by ERISA claims.

Crane Accidents and Personal Injuries

Cranes perform a vital function in the construction industry. It is impossible to build tall structures or move materials to advanced heights without the use of these tools. As a result, both construction companies and the makers of cranes have an obligation to ensure that these machines are as safe as possible.

Sadly, accidents involving cranes still happen. A worker might fall off a crane, a crane might tip or fall over, or a construction employee might get hurt while operating these large industrial vehicles. Injuries associated with crane accidents include broken bones, spinal cord damage, amputations, or even death.

However, physical injuries are not the only consequences of crane accidents. These incidents can jeopardize a worker’s ability to work, impact their finances, cause extreme emotional trauma, and result in a reduced quality of daily life.

A Hutto crane accident attorney wants to help employees pursue compensation for these losses. Litigation is possible when a construction company is a non-subscriber to a workers’ compensation policy or when a third party, such as the crane’s manufacturer, is responsible for the incident.

Personal Injury Lawsuits Following Crane Accidents

It is key to understand that unlike in most states, employers in Texas do not need to obtain workers’ compensation insurance. Instead, companies can purchase ERISA insurance plans. When a company decides not to subscribe to worker’s comp, they open themselves up to civil liability for crane accidents and other injuries. They might be found negligent if they failed to maintain a crane, train employees properly, or implement adequate safety procedures.

A crane accident lawyer in Hutto can help with filing a lawsuit against a non-subscriber and demonstrating this negligence. A carefully crafted injury claim can seek compensation for all wage reimbursements not covered under the ERISA plan and demand payment for a worker’s pain or suffering.

A Hutto Crane Accident Attorney Can Help You Obtain Proper Benefits

Many local construction companies decide not to subscribe to the workers’ compensation program. This means that they are directly liable for personal injuries that result from their own negligence. For instance, if an employer causes a crane operator to fall from the machine, this company needs to assume liability for any resulting injuries.

If you have suffered an injury because of defective equipment or your employer’s own negligence, a Hutto crane accident lawyer can help you pursue the benefits you deserve. A dedicated attorney can assess your case, explain your rights, and help you hold the right parties accountable. Call today to learn more.

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