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Few events in one’s life can be as devastating and discouraging as suffering an injury while at work. You may be doing nothing more than your daily activities when an accident occurs that leaves you unable to support your family. For instance, if you work in construction and were involved in a sudden building collapse, you might have suffered catastrophic injuries.

Making matters worse, Hutto is in a state that does not require employers to retain a workers’ compensation insurance policy. This may leave you with no choice other than suing your employer for your losses. Thankfully, a Hutto building collapse lawyer is prepared to take the lead in your case. A construction injury attorney can thoroughly investigate the cause of a building collapse and fight to discover the truth behind your injury. With this information, they can make it clear that you doing your job was the source of your losses and that a third party was negligent in allowing the building to collapse.

Connecting a Building Collapse Injury to One’s Job Duties

Any injuries or illnesses that result from a person doing their job may entitle those people to substantial compensation. However, because state law does not require most employers to retain a workers’ compensation insurance policy, a building collapse plaintiff might need to directly sue their employer or a third party for their losses.

There are a few ways that another individual might be responsible for a building collapse. If third-party construction equipment failed and this caused a building to fall, an injury lawsuit might be an option. For instance, defective support beams, failing hydraulics, or poor-quality concrete or wood might have caused a building collapse. Regardless of the situation, a Hutto building collapse attorney is ready to perform a full investigation into the reason for the accident and demand that negligent third parties pay for their failures to keep construction workers safe.

Work Injury Cases as Examples of Personal Injury Lawsuits

Third parties are always directly responsible for their failures to keep employees safe. Therefore, after a building collapse or similar injury, a worker can file a civil injury claim against the negligent party. Doing this requires a construction employee to measure their losses and fight back against any defenses their employer may implement.

This might sound intimidating, but a building collapse lawyer in Hutto is prepared to take every needed step to both show how performing one’s job resulted in losses and to dispute any defenses that a manufacturer may bring to court. It is essential to be able to connect an illness or injury to a person’s time spent on the job, so legal representation can implement medical records or any relevant data to demonstrate that a building collapse led to direct physical harm.

Many work injury cases end with a settlement. Here, an attorney can make it clear how a building collapse affected an employee’s past, present, and future and demand appropriate compensation through negotiation. In other cases, a full lawsuit may be necessary to bring people the payments that they deserve.

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Workplace illnesses and injuries have the potential to impact every part of your life. For instance, a sudden building collapse could require extensive medical care, jeopardize your ability to return to work, and reduce your overall quality of life. Employers and manufacturers in the construction industry have a duty to produce structures that are safe. If they fail to do so, they are liable for your losses.

A Hutto building collapse lawyer can help you pursue the compensation that you deserve. They can represent your interests during settlement talks by submitting comprehensive demand packages. Our legal team is also prepared to take your case to court if that is what is necessary to protect your rights. Contact a lawyer today to get started.

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