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Few jobs in the Hutto area are more dangerous than those in the demolition sector of the construction industry. Even if the jobs themselves do not involve the total destruction of buildings, the use of heavy tools and complex machinery to break concrete and tear down wood can result in severe, life-threatening injuries.

The simple fact is that people who endure injuries because of doing their jobs deserve the compensation needed to bring stability back into their lives. Thankfully, if your employer does not subscribe to the state’s workers’ compensation system, you may be able to work with a construction accident attorney to file a claim against your company or a third party. A Hutto demolition accident lawyer can help you to prove another’s fault for an incident and seek out the compensation needed to make things right.

The Value of a Demolition Accident Attorney

Working for a construction company is always a risky way to support one’s family. However, the demolition part of the job is always the most dangerous. The use of heavy machinery, temperamental hand tools, and even explosives can lead to unpredictable and hazardous situations.

Demolition accidents can result in a wide range of personal injuries, including broken bones, separated joints, severe burns, traumatic brain injuries, and wrongful death. Anyone who endures these injuries deserves the compensation that they need to make things right. Thankfully, through a civil claim, a plaintiff can often recover payment for their medical bills, lost wages, physical pain, and emotional suffering.

The goal of a Hutto demolition accident attorney is to help a claimant seek this compensation. If a construction company does not subscribe to the worker’s compensation program, a dedicated lawyer can target this company and hold them accountable for a plaintiff’s injuries.

Personal Injury Lawsuits and Demolition Accidents

Many local employers choose to forgo workers’ compensation insurance protections. Instead, they obtain ERISA plans that provide medical care and partial wage reimbursement to injured workers.

However, unlike workers’ compensation insurance, these ERISA plans do not protect employers from blame after they cause a workplace accident. Our Hutto lawyers understand this and can take the lead in proving that a construction company or third party was negligent in allowing a demolition accident to occur. For instance, if a construction company or related entity fails to properly maintain equipment, allows unqualified workers to handle machinery or explosives, or implements inadequate training programs, they will likely need to assume responsibility for any demolition injuries.

Filing an injury claim after an demolition incident can help a plaintiff seek repayment for losses not included in an ERISA plan, such as full reimbursement for lost wages and reduced quality of daily life.

As personal injury cases, there is a limited time to bring a case to court. Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 16.003 sets this time limit at two years after the date of injury. Our lawyers can help file a claim within this strict time limit.

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Demolition accidents can lead to devastating injuries. Not only can these incidents your physical health, but they can also limit your ability to return to work and reduce your overall quality of life. Fortunately, if your employer does not subscribe to a workers’ compensation insurance plan, you can work with our experienced attorneys to demand full compensation for your losses.

Contact a Hutto demolition accident lawyer today. They can assess whether an employer or a third party was responsible for your losses, determine the strength of your case, and help you seek the justice you deserve.

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