Hutto Construction Site Slip and Fall Accidents

Slips and falls are common accidents that can result in life-changing injuries. As a general rule, property owners must take proper steps to protect guests that are present on their land. This is even true in the case of employers. Construction businesses must take every possible step to protect their workers against incidental falls.

If your company failed to protect you from tripping or falling on a construction site, you are likely entitled to financial compensation. To collect the damages you deserve, you need to prove that a landowner/employer was negligent in allowing an injury to occur. This can involve showing that an employer implemented poor maintenance routines or allowed a temporary hazard to create a risky situation.

A dedicated lawyer is ready to help protect your legal rights following Hutto construction site slip and fall accidents. incidents. A construction injury attorney can work to prove that an employer was negligent in allowing a fall to occur, show how that event has changed your life, and demand appropriate compensation through insurance settlements and civil lawsuits.

Landowner Obligations in Construction Slip and Fall Cases

Two main factors determine the steps that property owners must take to protect guests on their land. The first is whether the visitor has the owner’s permission to be there. All employees have the permission of the landowner to be on the site as long as they were there during work hours and had permission to be in the specific area where the fall occurred.

When it is clear that a worker or visitor does have permission to be on land, the next step involves evaluating why the fall occurred. Property owners must take all ordinary care to protect workers from harm. They must inspect their land for defects, perform regular maintenance, and cordon off unsafe spaces. If a property owner fails to do this, a skilled attorney can help the victims of Hutto construction site slip and fall accidents establish their rights under state premises liability laws. Our team can also work to show how an employer’s negligence was the source of an injury.

Establishing Fault in Specific Construction Fall Cases

Once an injured person is able to show that a landowner owed them a specific duty of care, they must then demonstrate how that property owner violated that duty. This often requires an in-depth investigation into the cause of a fall and what steps the construction site owner did or did not take to prevent harm.

Valuable evidence in slip and fall cases involving construction sites include any relevant:

  • Maintenance records
  • Incident reports
  • Witness statements
  • Video footage

Using this information, a Hutto lawyer works to build a powerful slip and fall case against negligent property owners. At the same time, our legal team can fight back against any allegations of shared blame.

Understanding Cases Involving Non-Subscriber Employers

An important thing to remember about workplace accidents is how they interact with workers’ compensation and ERISA insurance policies. State law does not require employers to obtain workers’ compensation insurance. Instead, these companies can buy an ERISA insurance plan that provides many of the same benefits to injured employees.

However, ERISA plans do not provide immunity against direct negligence for workplace injuries. As a result, if an employer’s negligence leads to a slip and fall, they might be directly responsible for compensating an injured plaintiff.

Call Our Attorneys About Hutto Construction Site Slip and Fall Accidents

All people who suffer injuries because of the failures of others to keep them safe deserve full compensation for their losses. In situations where an employer invited a construction worker onto their land and caused a slip and fall through negligent property maintenance, the landowner must provide compensation for any physical injuries, lost wages, and emotional traumas that ERISA insurance plans do not cover.

A lawyer is ready to build potent cases against negligent employers following Hutto construction site slip and fall accidents. Our team can demonstrate that a construction employer was responsible for an accidental fall and assess how the incident has impacted your life. Reach out today to set up your appointment.

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